Prophecy News Watch - December 20, 2018

Around the World
UK ministers focused on getting Brexit deal through parliament, May says
British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Thursday that her cabinet’s focus was on building support for her Brexit deal after different ministers floated contrasting back-up plans should her Brexit deal fail to pass in parliament next month.
France in talks with U.S. over timeframe, mode of Syria withdrawal
France and allies fighting Islamic State are discussing with the United States the timeframe and conditions for the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, but Washington must consider the stability of the region to avoid a new humanitarian crisis.
Scientists investigate upsurge in polio-like illness in children
Health authorities in England are investigating an increase in cases of a rare polio-like illness in children, an outbreak of which has been puzzling doctors in the United States.
France says Islamic State not defeated, troops to remain in Syria
France will keep troops in northern Syria for now because Islamic State militants have not been wiped out, contrary to the U.S. view, and has started talks with the United States on the conditions and calendar of its withdrawal, officials said.
UN: Hezbollah tunnels on Israel-Lebanon border violate truce
The UN peacekeeping force on the Israel-Lebanon border said Monday that two of four tunnels allegedly dug by Hezbollah crossed the demarcation line between the two countries in violation of a UN resolution that ended the 2006 war.
Trump slaps new sanctions on 15 Russian agents, firms for election meddling and 'malign' activities
The Treasury Department imposed fresh sanctions Wednesday against 15 Russian agents and companies for interfering in the U.S. presidential election in 2016 and carrying out a nerve-agent attack in England.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel says will study US pullout from Syria, ensure its own security
Israel will study the US decision to pull its forces from Syria and will ensure its own security, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday.

Inside the United States
Federal Reserve raises rates, over Trump protests, but signals it will slow rate hikes in 2019
Federal Reserve officials voted Wednesday to raise the central bank’s interest rate target, the fourth such rate increase of the year, but also signaled that they will slow the pace of rate hikes in 2019.
Senate passes bill to fund government, averts federal shutdown
Republicans backed down in their border security fight Wednesday and settled instead for a stopgap spending bill that would keep the government running through early February, avoiding a government shutdown and leaving the big fights for the new Congress.