Prophecy News Watch - December 12, 2017

Around the World
Putin declares victory against 'terrorists' in Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin declared victory against 'terrorists' in Syria on Monday during a surprise visit to a Russian military base in the county, where he also announced a partial pullout of Russian troops.
Putin visits Egypt in sign of closer ties
Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Egypt on Monday, where he signed a deal to advance plans for a nuclear reactor but disappointed his hosts by delaying the resumption of direct flights that were suspended after the 2015 bombing of a Russian passenger plane.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
After Iron Dome shoots down rocket fired at Ashkelon, IDF hits Gaza targets
Israeli forces attacked Hamas targets in the northern Gaza Strip early Tuesday after Palestinians fired a rocket toward the southern city of Ashkelon, the army said. The rocket was intercepted by an Iron Dome anti-missile battery.
Palestinian leader Abbas in Cairo, Istanbul to rally region over Jerusalem
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday intensified efforts to rally Middle Eastern countries against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, setting up talks with Arab leaders beginning in Cairo.
Iran defense minister: Trump's J'lem move will hasten Israel's destruction
Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital will hasten the country's destruction, Iran's defense minister said Monday.

Inside the United States
Trump wants Congress to fix ‘lax’ immigration after NY attack
US President Donald Trump said Monday that a bomb attack by a 27-year-old from Bangladesh on New York’s subway system underscored the 'urgent need' for Congress to enact immigration reform.
House Republicans urge repeal of Obamacare individual mandate penalties in tax bill
House Republicans on Monday urged congressional leaders to include the repeal of Obamacare's individual mandate penalty in the final version of the tax bill.
Congress ignores Trump’s deadline on Iran nuclear deal
Congress is about to miss what was widely seen as a deadline to deal with President Trump’s demands for a harder line on the Iran nuclear deal, failing to agree on new sanctions against Tehran and punting the future of the deal back to Mr. Trump.
Port Authority explosion: Suspect ID'd in 'attempted terrorist attack'
A Bangladeshi man reportedly inspired by ISIS set off a pipe bomb inside New York's Port Authority bus terminal during rush hour Monday morning, sowing mass chaos but causing few injuries -- likely because the 'attempted terrorist' detonated his 'low tech device' prematurely.

Christian News
Franklin Graham Holds Rare Crusade in Vietnam, Says Communist Gov't Is Warming Toward Christianity
Evangelist Franklin Graham said that multitudes responded to Jesus Christ during his two-day evangelistic crusade in Vietnam, and argued that the Communist government there is starting to warm up to Christianity.
Hindu Extremists Beat Pastors, Stop Gospel Event in India
Berating and slapping two pastors into signing an apology letter before police, Hindu extremists stopped a planned three-day gospel meeting in Chhattisgarh state, India minutes before it was to begin, sources said.
University of Iowa ousts Christian student group for requiring leaders to follow Christian teaching
A Christian student group that requires its leaders to pledge to uphold core values like avoiding 'sexual immorality' sued the University of Iowa Monday after the school kicked it off campus.