Prophecy News Watch - August 25, 2017

Around the World
Hezbollah seizes much of IS enclave on Syrian-Lebanese border - Nasrallah
Hezbollah has captured much of an Islamic State pocket on Syria's side of the border with Lebanon in a joint offensive with the Syrian army, its leader said on Thursday.
Russia sends nuclear-capable bombers on mission near South Korea, Japan
Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers have flown over the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, prompting Japan and South Korea to scramble jets to escort them, Russia said on Thursday.
Why Donald Trump was right about Barack Obama's North Korea policy
When President-elect Donald Trump met President Barack Obama in the White House shortly before the former's swearing-in, Obama reportedly told him that North Korea would be one of the most pressing issues he would face.
US says at least 16 Americans suffered hearing loss in Cuba
The United States says at least 16 Americans working for the U.S. government in Cuba suffered symptoms as a result of activity attributed to a covert sonic device. The diplomats suffered severe hearing loss.
Canada soon to allow gender-neutral passports
Canadian citizens who do not identify as male or female will soon be able to mark "X" on their passports and other identity documents, the government said Thursday (Aug 24).
India court rules privacy a right, throwing ID cards into doubt
India's top court ruled on Thursday that individual privacy is a fundamental right, a verdict that could derail the world's largest biometric ID card program now under way.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Two-state solution not publicly mentioned as US team meets PM, Abbas
US President Donald Trump’s Mideast negotiating team held talks in Tel Aviv and Ramallah on Thursday, trying to revive the moribund diplomatic process, even as it pointedly refrained from any public commitment to a two-state solution.
After more than yearlong ban, MKs permitted to visit Temple Mount
The Jerusalem District Police announced Wednesday that starting next week it will allow lawmakers to visit the Temple Mount. The decision comes more than 18 months after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu barred all MKs, Jewish and Arab alike, from visiting the volatile site.
Amnesty criticizes both PA and Hamas
Amnesty International on Wednesday criticized both the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas over their restrictions of freedom of expression.

Inside the United States
Hurricane Harvey barrels toward coast as Texans prepare for worst
Harvey was a tropical storm but intensified Thursday into a hurricane — with the potential for up to 3 feet of rain, 125 mph winds and 12-foot storm surges.
Evangelicals reveal 'unprecedented' levels of access in Trump White House
Evangelicals have 'unprecedented' levels of influence and access into Donald Trump's White House, meeting foreign ambassadors and influencing high-level decisions from choosing senior personnel to consulting on policy, one adviser is claiming.
Why Is Syphilis Making A Comeback?
Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that was nearly eradicated in the U.S., and many doctors haven’t seen a case in years. But following a spike recent reports, the disease appears to be making a comeback.
Atheist Group Demands Marco Rubio Stop Tweeting Bible Verses
The nation's largest atheist organization is demanding that Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., stop tweeting Bible verses from his Twitter account, telling him that doing so is a violation of the United States Constitution.
Wall Street Banks Warn Downturn Is Coming
HSBC Holdings Plc, Citigroup Inc. and Morgan Stanley see mounting evidence that global markets are in the last stage of their rallies before a downturn in the business cycle.

Christian News
Egypt Closes One Church, Blocks Worship at Another
Authorities have closed a church that serves three villages in Upper Egypt on the pretext that area Muslims object to it – one of at least 15 Christian worship sites shuttered in the bishopric of Minya, sources said.
UK: Catholic Church and local authorities criticized for claiming child sex abuse victims 'consented'
The Catholic Church and local authorities have been criticized after trying to claim child sex abuse victims 'consented' in a bid to avoid compensation payouts.