Prophecy News Watch - August 10, 2017

Around the World
North Korea details Guam missile plan, dismissing Trump warnings as 'nonsense'
North Korea dismissed warnings by U.S. President Donald Trump that it would face 'fire and fury' if it threatened the United States as a 'load of nonsense' and outlined detailed plans on for a missile strike near the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam.
Hearing loss of US diplomats in Cuba blamed on covert device
The two-year-old diplomatic relationship between the United States and Cuba has been roiled by what U.S. officials are describing as a string of bizarre incidents that left a group of American diplomats in Havana with severe hearing loss attributed to a covert sonic device.
Islamic State threatens new attacks in Iran
The Islamic State terror group released a video Wednesday threatening new attacks against Tehran and calling on Iranians to rise up against their country.
Tillerson, Mattis back up Trump’s stark warning to North Korea
The State and Defense departments provided backup Wednesday to President Trump’s threat a day earlier to rain down 'fire and fury like the world has never seen' if North Korea did not curb its nuclear programs, but there was little sign Pyongyang was seeking to ease its threats against the U.S. and its allies in the region.
U.S., Japan conduct air exercises near Korean peninsula
The United States and Japan conducted joint air drills in skies near the Korean peninsula on Aug 8.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Netanyahu slams the Left, the media in support rally
Surrounded by supporters in a rally organized by his close confidant MK David Bitan, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the media and the left wing on Wednesday evening, accusing them of trying to 'overthrow' him.
Israel held secret talks with Russia, US over 'safe zones' in Syria: report
Secrets talks over 'safe zones' in Syria were held between Israel, the United States and Russia in early July, Haaretz reported Wednesday.

Inside the United States
Texas House OKs bill to block insurance coverage for abortions
The Texas House of Representatives approved a bill Tuesday -- coined as 'rape insurance”' by its detractors -- that would force women to pay a separate health insurance premium to get covered for a non-emergency abortion.
President Trump berates Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Twitter tirade
President Trump delivered a Twitter spanking to the Senate’s top Republican Wednesday, questioning why he was unable to wrangle an Obamacare repeal bill.
Govt Employees Arrested for Allegedly Selling False IDs to Illegal Aliens for Voter Fraud
Federal authorities arrested six persons last week involved in an apparent scheme to produce false identification documents through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), some of which were then used as ID to illegally vote in Boston, reported Judicial Watch.
David Daleiden takes pro-life legal fight to Supreme Court
Lawyers for David Daleiden appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court last week over the ongoing litigation suppressing his undercover videos.

Christian News
North Korea releases pastor amid nuclear ICBM threats
Hyeun-soo Lim, the Korean Canadian church leader sentenced to life in prison with hard labour, has been freed today (9 August) 'on sick bail', says a North Korean state news agency. Convicted in December 2015 by the country’s Supreme Court of numerous charges, including an attempt to overthrow the government, he had been detained in North Korea since February 2015.