Prophecy News Watch - April 17, 2018

Around the World
Syrian media: Explosions at largest Iranian base in Syria
Mixed and contradictory reports emerged from Syria Saturday night over a mystery blast that rocked an Iranian base located on the outskirts of Aleppo.
US, Britain warn of Russian campaign to hack networks
Russian government-sponsored hackers are compromising the key hardware of government and business computer networks like routers and firewalls, giving them virtual control of data flows, Britain and the United States warned on Monday (Apr 16).
France's Macron to outline his vision for Europe
French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to outline his vision for the future of Europe as he addresses the European Parliament.
China and Iran reportedly set to cooperate on building of nuclear reactors
China has expressed its intention, amid ongoing talks, to assist Iran in building several small nuclear power plants for civilian use, an Iranian lawmaker stated on Sunday according to Fars news agency.
Researchers accidentally engineer plastic-eating enzyme
Researchers in the US and Britain have accidentally engineered an enzyme which eats plastic and may eventually help solve the growing problem of plastic pollution, a study said on Monday (Apr 16).
EU ponders new sanctions on Syria, Iran, Russia
EU foreign ministers have discussed new sanctions on Syria, Iran, and Russia in light of the chemical warfare in Syria.
Syrian media: Missile attacks near Homs
Syria's air defense system responded to a missile attack on the Shayrat airbase in the city of Homs early Tuesday morning Hezbollah and Syrian army sources reported, according to Lebanon's Daily Star. The missiles were intercepted and shot down, the report claims.
Trump puts brakes on Russian sanctions over Syria
President Trump on Monday ordered a hold on new economic sanctions against Russia over its support for Syria and said he remain committed to pulling U.S. troops out of the war-torn nation, despite what was widely seen as a successful strike with allies on President Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons infrastructure over the weekend.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF official said to confirm attack in Syria: ‘First strike on Iranian targets’
An Israeli military official confirmed Monday that Israel carried out last week’s strike on Iranian forces in a Syrian airbase, the New York Times reported.
Europe to Hamas: Disarm and we'll rebuild Gaza
European groups recently passed on to Hamas a wide-reaching proposition to solve the humanitarian crises in Gaza, The Jerusalem Post's sister publication Maariv reported on Monday.

Inside the United States
Senators introduce new war powers resolution days after Syria strike
Lawmakers on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee introduced new Authorization for the Use of Military Force legislation to replace current war authorizations from 2001 and 2002 that have not been revised since they were passed.
Trump Loses Initial Bid to Review Seized Records From Cohen
President Donald Trump suffered a setback as a federal judge rejected his initial request to keep prosecutors from immediately reviewing evidence seized by the FBI last week from his longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Christian News
Islamic State Guns Down Churchgoers in Ongoing Terror Wave Against Pakistani Christians
An Islamic State terrorist attack against Christians in Quetta Sunday has led one Christian leader to warn that Pakistan has never been more dangerous for non-Muslims than it is now.