Prophecy News Watch - May 3, 2019

Around the World
Cyclone Fani hits Indian coast, a million people evacuated
A powerful cyclone lashed coastal areas of eastern India on Friday with torrential rain and winds gusting up to 200 kilometers per hour (124 mph), but there were no early reports of casualties with a million people evacuated before it made landfall.
'I See a Bad Future Ahead': Bloodshed in Venezuela as Maduro's Forces Open Fire to Stop the Uprising
Tensions are still high in Venezuela after violent protests turned deadly this week. A Venezuelan human rights group claims four people died in street clashes this week after the opposition leader Juan Guaido called for a military uprising.
Pentagon says China plans to build military bases around the world to protect Belt & Road project
The US Defense Department expects China to add military bases around the world to protect its investments in its ambitious One Belt One Road global infrastructure program, according to an official report released Thursday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Abbas bypasses EU, asks Russia help avert PA collapse over terror payments
The Palestinian Authority has demanded that Russia resolve the terror-payment crisis that could lead to the PA’s collapse as it rejected a European Union compromise solution.
Islamic Jihad warns will hit major cities if targeted assassinations resume
The Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza Ziad Nahala responded Thursday to the revelation regarding the commander of the northern brigade of the organizations' military wing Baha al-Atta earlier this week. They believe the publication of his name is an indication that Israel will assassinate him if terror attacks continue.

Inside the United States
New York Times Admits Obama Admin Deployed Multiple Spies Against Trump Campaign In 2016
Following months of angry claims by journalists and Democratic operatives that the Obama administration never spied on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, The New York Times admitted Thursday that multiple overseas intelligence assets were deployed against associates of the Republican nominee. It is not the first time the Times has revealed widespread spying operations against the campaign.
Denver voters might decriminalize 'magic mushrooms'
Denver voters next week may experience the deja vu of thawing marijuana laws 10 years ago. An initiative to decriminalize 'magic mushrooms' will appear on municipal ballots Tuesday.
GOP confirms Trump's 100th judicial nominee, gears up for more
Senate Republicans confirmed President Trump’s 100th federal judge on Thursday, speeding through a series of picks this week thanks to the GOP’s nuclear option move last month.
Alabama abortion doctors could face up to 99 years in jail in newly approved state abortion ban
Alabama's House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a near-total abortion ban, a piece of legislation that the bill's sponsor called a "direct attack" on Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that protects a woman's right to an abortion. Politicians in the statehouse voted against adding an amendment that would have added an exception for victims of rape and incest.

Christian News
U.K. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt ‘Appalled’ By Global Persecution of Christians
U.K. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt pledged support from his country for war-torn Nigeria on Wednesday, where the Boko Haram arm of the Islamic State has massacred countless scores of Christians.
National Day of Prayer: Americans saying 'God,' 'Merry Christmas' again, Trump says
President Donald Trump said that his administration was making religious freedom a priority, including helping to have people once again say 'God' and 'Merry Christmas.'