Prophecy News Watch - June 7, 2019

Around the World
'Wake up call': 1M new STD infections daily
More than 1 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases pop up across the world every day, a figure that shows health officials have made little progress in curbing infections over the course of about five years.
Trump says 'at least' $300B in new China tariffs possible
President Trump said Thursday that while trade negotiations remain ongoing with China, his administration was preparing 'at least' $300 billion in new tariffs on their goods if the talks fall apart.
U.S. tightens Venezuela oil sanctions, indicates more actions to come
The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday tightened its pressure on Venezuela’s state-owned oil company by making clear that exports of diluents by international shippers could be subject to U.S. sanctions.
Trump: ’Not Nearly Enough’ Progress Made in Talks Between Pence and Mexican Foreign Minister on Trade Tariffs and Immigration Crisis
'Not nearly enough' progress was made in a discussion between Vice President Mike Pence and Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Wednesday, according to President Trump, who decided last month to place a 5% trade tariff on all Mexican goods entering the US until Mexico stems the tide of migrants coming through its northern border.
Trump, Macron agree Iran must not develop nukes
President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday they agree on the need to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and hope to renew talks with Tehran.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Over 10,000 march in Jerusalem Pride Parade under heavy security
Chanting for equality and holding aloft brightly painted signs supporting LGBT rights, some 10,000-15,000 people marched in Jerusalem’s annual pride parade Thursday evening, with over 2,000 police securing the highly charged event four years after a deadly attack on participants.
Anti-aircraft missiles fired at Israel's Hermon, fall inside Syria
Several anti-aircraft missiles were fired toward Mount Hermon from Syria on Thursday, the second such incident in under a week.

Inside the United States
FBI wiretap petitions for Trump campaign contained key errors
Four FBI wiretap applications targeting a Trump campaign volunteer were more inaccurate than previously known based on subsequent investigative information, an analysis shows.
Washington Supreme Court Upholds Ruling against Florist Who Refused to Serve Same-Sex Wedding
The Washington Supreme Court on Thursday upheld its previous ruling that a florist’s refusal to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding violated the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

Christian News
Protests Over Death of Nigerian Christian Man Lead to More Reprisals by Muslim Fulani Herdsmen
Another spate of violence against Christians by Muslim Fulani Herdsmen occurred in Nigeria's Plateau State last week, following the discovery of a Christian man’s body that led to protests by Christians against repeated Muslim aggression.