Prophecy News Watch - July 25, 2019

Around the World
North Korea fires short-range missiles in latest provocation
North Korea fired two short-range missiles into the sea on Thursday, complicating efforts to resume stalled nuclear talks with Washington and signaling its anger over planned US-South Korea joint military exercises.
Boris Johnson officially becomes Prime Minister, pledges 'modern Britain' cabinet with pro-Brexit tilt
Boris Johnson officially became Britain's Prime Minister after meeting Queen Elizabeth II and will form a 'cabinet for modern Britain' with the primary task of finally delivering Brexit.
Top U.S., China trade negotiators to meet in Shanghai next week
Top U.S. and Chinese negotiators will meet face-to-face next week for the first time since Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed to revive talks to end their year-long trade war.
Iranian President Hints At Possible Tanker Swap With Britain, Talks With U.S.
Iranian President Hassan Rohani has hinted that Tehran is open to a possible tanker swap with Britain and indirect talks with the United States over its nuclear program and sanctions.
Russian opposition leader Alekei Navalny arrested ahead of protest
Russian opposition leader Alekei Navalny said he was arrested Wednesday, days before he was to hold a massive anti-government protest.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
US blocks UN draft condemning demolition of Palestinian homes
The United States on Wednesday reportedly blocked an attempt to get the UN Security Council to issue a formal condemnation of Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes on the edge of Jerusalem earlier this week.

Inside the United States
Federal judge temporarily blocks Arkansas abortion restrictions
An Arkansas federal judge blocked three state abortion restrictions that would have gone into effect Wednesday, one of which requires abortion providers to be board-certified gynecologists, which would have closed the state’s last remaining surgical abortion clinics.
Key Takeaways From Robert Mueller's Congressional Testimony
Robert Mueller refused to play the part. Not for Republicans and not for Democrats.
U.S. Senate sets vote on Trump's Saudi precision-guided munitions vetoes
The U.S. Senate will vote within days on whether to override President Donald Trump's vetoes of legislation to block the sale of precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday.
Mueller testimony fails to move Pelosi toward impeachment
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Wednesday testimony 'the crossing of a threshold' but made no call for the impeachment inquiry that proponents were hoping his appearance would trigger.
Jim Jordan to Mueller: Report Says Man Who Started This Whole Thing Lied to You – Why Not Charge Him?
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) questioned former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s selective prosecution tactics at a House hearing on Wednesday.

Christian News
'Pray that Christians Would Not Be Tempted,' Believers Ask As Burkina Faso Becomes Most Recent Victim of Muslim Extremism in Africa
Another African country is falling prey to jihadism, as Muslim extremist ideologies sweep across Burkina Faso, targeting Christians.
'One of the Most Dangerous Places for Christians': Open Doors CEO David Curry Interviewed About Plight of Nigeria's Christians
David Curry, CEO of persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA, was recently interviewed by Pure Flix to talk about the plight of Nigeria’s more than 90 million Christians.
5 More Chinese House Churches Shut Down in Campaign 'Unprecedented Since the End of the Cultural Revolution'
A handful of new house churches have become casualties of the Chinese government’s 'sinicization' campaign since April, as the communist regime seeks to stamp out all remnants of unofficial Christianity.
Church School Victory: Government Can't Discriminate 'Because They Are Religious'
Sarasota County, Florida, has changed course to allow a church to use its own property to educate children in its religious school, according to Alliance Defending Freedom, the non-profit religious freedom legal organization representing the church.
5th-century inscriptions near Galilee may show Christians’ fading Greek literacy
Some 15 years ago, while on the trail of an elusive Byzantine-era synagogue, archaeologists at the ongoing Hippos-Sussita Excavations Project near the Sea of Galilee began excavating what appeared to be a public building that had been burned to the ground. After quickly discovering that the remains indicated the structure was 'just another church' — one of seven at least at the large ancient settlement — the team moved on to other work.