Prophecy News Watch - October 3, 2018

Around the World
Russia completes delivery of S-300 air defense system to Syria
Russia said Tuesday it had completed delivering its S-300 advanced anti-aircraft system to Syria, weeks after it blamed Israel for the downing of one of its spy planes by a less-sophisticated Syrian air defense missile.
UN court to rule on Iran bid to halt US nuclear sanctions
The UN’s top court will rule Wednesday on Iran’s bid to suspend crippling US sanctions reimposed by US President Donald Trump after he pulled out of the international nuclear deal with Tehran.
US ambassador to NATO threatens to 'take out' Russian cruise missile
The U.S. ambassador to NATO put Russia "on notice" Tuesday, threatening to destroy an intermediate-range missile that sits well within range of NATO allies.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli official: S-300 delivery to Syria ‘a complex challenge’ for Israel
A senior Israeli official said that Russia’s decision to provide advanced anti-aircraft systems to Syria posed a serious challenge for the Jewish state, but added that Israel was working on ways to prevent the development from becoming a major threat to the country’s security.
Poll finds Israelis extremely, and near uniquely, supportive of Trump, US policy
Israelis have an extremely positive view of US President Donald Trump and his administration, and are largely isolated in this outlook in the international community, a survey by the Pew Research Center shows.

Inside the United States
Debt Up $1,271,158,167,127; Feds Borrowed $8,172 Per Every American With a Job
The federal debt increased by $1,271,158,167,126.72 in fiscal 2018, according to data released today by the Treasury.
House Passes 'Family Savings Act': Savings Plan Bill for Unborn Children Goes to Senate
While the nation was riveted with the testimonies of Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last week, the US House of Representatives was busy passing a legislative package known as 'Tax Reform 2.0.'
Number of Christian Refugees Entering the US Hits Historic Low
The US has significantly cut the number of Christian refugees it welcomed in the last two years and dramatically slashed the number of Muslim refugees.
Mueller probe sheds more attorneys
Special counsel Robert Mueller is shedding more attorneys, another sign that his team of prosecutors has begun winding down parts of their investigation.
US auto sales fell by 4 percent in the third quarter
Major automakers said Tuesday that U.S. sales fell 7 percent in September and 4 percent for the June-through-September quarter, compared with the same periods last year.

Christian News
US Pastor's Case To Be Taken to Turkey's High Court
Turkish media are reporting that a lawyer for an American pastor at the center of a dispute between Turkey and the United States plans to petition Turkey's highest court for his client's release.
Pro-Lifers Praise California Gov. for Vetoing Bill to Give College Girls Abortion Drugs on Campus
Christian conservatives and pro-life advocates are praising California's Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown for his veto of a bill that would have required all state universities to provide access to abortion-inducing drugs.