Prophecy News Watch - October 10, 2017

Around the World
IRGC Chief Suggests Missile Strike If U.S. Bolsters Iran Sanctions
The head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has suggested that U.S. military forces in the Middle East could be in danger of an Iranian missile attack if Washington imposes new sanctions against Tehran.
Catalan leader under pressure to drop independence
Catalonia’s secessionist leader faced increased pressure on Monday to abandon plans to declare independence from Spain, with France and Germany expressing support for the country’s unity.
Moscow says escalation of tension on Korea peninsula unacceptable
Any escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula is unacceptable, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a phone call on Monday.
Russia threatens US media with legal crackdown
Russia on Monday threatened US media operating in the country with new legal restrictions after Kremlin-controlled broadcaster RT complained of persecution by Washington.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Hamas and Fatah to take part in reconciliation talks in Cairo today
High-level Hamas and Fatah delegations are scheduled to participate in reconciliation talks in Cairo on Tuesday in a bid to start work on ending the decade-long territorial division between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Thousands of Christian Pilgrims Stand with Israel 'Because the Bible Says So'
At a time of rising anti-Semitism, thousands of Christians are in Jerusalem to celebrate the biblical Feast of Tabernacles and stand with Israel.

Inside the United States
10 dead, 1,500 structures lost in California firestorm, among worst in state's history
At least 10 people have died and at least 1,500 homes, businesses and other structures have been destroyed as more than 14 fires ravaged eight counties throughout Northern California on Monday, authorities said.
White House plans order to expand health care options
The White House is finalizing an executive order that would expand health plans offered by associations to allow individuals to pool together and buy insurance outside their states, a unilateral move that follows failed efforts by Congress to overhaul the health care system.
Twitter Blocks Rep. Blackburn Ad Over Pro Life Message
Twitter blocked a video ad that announced the Senate candidacy of Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., because the social media giant said a pro life message in it was 'an inflammatory statement.'
Las Vegas gunman sprayed 200 shots at hotel security guard six minutes before opening fire on crowd
A hotel security guard was shot by the Las Vegas mass shooting’s gunman six minutes before he opened fire on concert-goers, authorities said on Monday, revising the timeline of the attack.
Google uncovers ads by Russian operatives: Report
Russian operatives spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads across Google products, including YouTube and Google search, according to reports.
$800M Tax Hike for Ministers? Judge Kills 'Most Important Tax Benefit'
For 60 years, ministers and clergy in the U.S. have relied on an IRS law that allows them a tax-exempt housing allowance. Now that key exemption is at risk.

Christian News
Violence Against Christians Increases as Elections Draw Close in India’s Karnataka State
On September 17, 2017, suspected Hindu radicals attacked an Assembly of God church in India’s Karnataka state. After the attack, church attendance has plummeted as Christians in the area fear another attack. It is not surprising that attacks are increasing in Karnataka as state elections are scheduled to occur early next year. Hindu hardline groups want to silence Christians and ensure that they are unable to practice their faith.
Cuban Activist Has Charges Against Him Dropped
A Cuban religious freedom activist was informed on 2 October that criminal charges against him have been dropped by Cuban state security.