Prophecy News Watch - May 21, 2018

Around the World
US, China Putting Trade War on Hold After Progress in Talks
The United States and China are pulling back from the brink of a trade war after the world's two biggest economies reported progress in talks aimed at bringing down America's massive trade deficit with Beijing.
Indonesia's most volatile volcano erupts again
Indonesia's most volatile volcano has spewed smoke and ash in the latest of several eruptions in less than two weeks.
Lead for Repeal of Ireland's Pro-Life Amendment Narrows
The number of Irish voters who favor repealing that nation's Eighth Amendment versus those who want to keep it has narrowed, according to polling.
Congressional Report: Iran's Economy Could Collapse
The U.S. decision to drop out of the Iran nuclear agreement could cause the Iranian economy to decline and ultimately collapse, a report from the Congressional Research Service affirms.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Trump team still debating timing of Mideast peace plan release
The Trump administration will unveil its plan for Israeli- Palestinian peace sometime in the coming months, but no decision has been made as to the precise timing of its release, two US sources told The Jerusalem Post on Friday.
US envoy to Israel: Evangelical Christians firmer Israel backers than many Jews
The US Ambassador to Israel said evangelical Christians are more passionate supporters of Israel than many Jews.
Suffering chest pains, Abbas taken to hospital for the third time in a week
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was taken to a Ramallah hospital Sunday for the third time in a week.

Inside the United States
Trump's stealth victory: Reshaping the courts
With less than two years under his belt, President Trump has managed to make a substantial imprint on the U.S. judicial system -- one that could be felt for decades to come -- by getting the Senate to confirm key judicial nominees.
Trump demands Justice Department probe if campaign ‘infiltrated’
President Donald Trump said Sunday that he will 'demand' that the Justice Department open an investigation into whether the FBI infiltrated his presidential campaign, an extraordinary order that came hours before his legal team said that the special counsel indicated its investigation into the president could be concluded by September.
Lava From Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Has Reached the Pacific Ocean and It's Creating a New Danger
A volcano that is oozing, spewing and exploding on Hawaii’s Big Island has gotten more hazardous, sending rivers of molten rock pouring into the ocean Sunday and launching lava skyward that caused the first major injury.
Defunding Planned Parenthood: Donald Trump's Good Start
Thursday evening the Trump administration announced a measure that pro-life advocates have been seeking since the Clinton administration -- restoration of Reagan-era rules that 'require a ‘bright line’ of physical and financial separation between Title X services and providers that perform, support, or refer to abortion as a method of family planning.' To understand Title X, and its role in the abortion debate, requires a bit of background.
Op-Ed: With the individual mandate dead, the rest of Obamacare is unconstitutional
In 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts famously ruled the Affordable Care Act’s provision mandating most people purchase health insurance or else pay a fine constitutional on the basis that Congress has the authority to tax individuals, and the so-called Obamacare 'fine' is effectively a tax.
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Preparing City for Marijuana Legalization, Instructs NYPD to Halt Arrests
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to instruct NYPD to stop arrests of New Yorkers smoking weed in public while additionally forming a task force to ease what he sees as an inevitable full-on legalization of recreational marijuana.

Christian News
Sentence Upheld for Pastor in Algeria Stopped for Carrying Christian Literature
A case that began with police in Algeria stopping a Christian suspected of carrying Bibles in his car ended yesterday with a large fine for the church leader.
Museum of the Bible Visitors Top Half a Million in First Six Months
The Good Book is shaping up to be a good draw on the crowded landscape of museums in the nation’s capital.
Church of Scotland takes another step towards allowing same-sex marriages
The Church of Scotland's General Assembly voted yesterday in favour of a motion that will take it a step closer to approving ministers conducting same-sex marriages.
'Hope and Healing': Texas Town Worships After School Attack
Congregations in this deeply religious community near Houston gathered Sunday for their first worship services since a teenager with a shotgun blasted his way into a high school art classroom and killed 10 people — eight students and two teachers.