Prophecy News Watch - February 27, 2018

Around the World
Tensions Between India and Pakistan Are at Their Highest Point in Decades
In perhaps the worst flare of tensions between India and Pakistan in two decades, Indian fighter jets bombed Pakistani-controlled territory on Tuesday in a dispute over the contested region of Kashmir.
Assad meets Khamenei in first Iran visit since Syrian war began
Syrian President Bashar al Assad made his first public visit to his closest regional ally Iran since the start of Syria's war in 2011, meeting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran on Monday and championing their alliance, state media reported.
Venezuela's Guaido, Pence agree to tighten noose on Maduro
US Vice President Mike Pence and Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaido agreed on a strategy to tighten the noose around President Nicolas Maduro following a meeting with regional allies in Colombia on Monday.
A man volunteered to have a chip inserted under his skin live on stage at a trade show this week
A man volunteered to have a chip inserted under his skin live on stage at a trade fair in Barcelona on Monday, and another man who had already undergone the procedure showed off how he could make a payment with it using his smartphone.
Nigeria election: Muhammadu Buhari re-elected as president
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has been re-elected for a second four-year term, final results from Saturday's general election show.
US seeks vote on UN resolution to allow aid into Venezuela
U.S. envoy Elliott Abrams said Tuesday the Trump administration will seek a U.N. Security Council vote this week on a resolution calling for Venezuela’s government to let in humanitarian aid and to hold free elections, and then sparred with Russia over possible U.S. military intervention in the politically divided country.
Trump urges 'my friend' Kim to abandon nukes, follow Vietnam's model for economic prosperity
President Trump said Wednesday he’ll know very soon whether 'my friend Kim Jong Un' is willing to abandon his nuclear weapons program in return for economic prosperity similar to Vietnam, the host country for their second summit.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
PA: Hamas, Islamic Jihad behind anti-Abbas protests
The Palestinian Authority and its ruling Fatah faction have begun organizing rallies throughout the West Bank in support of PA President Mahmoud Abbas. The move came in response to recent demonstrations in the Gaza Strip during which protesters condemned Abbas and called for his removal from power.
Christian Leaders Disappointed After Israel Shuts Down Government Christian Forum
Israel announced it will discontinue the 'Government Christian Forum,' an initiative created in 2013 aimed at strengthening the relationship between Israel's Christian community and the Israeli government.
Israel bracing for possible locust swarm invasion
The Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry is gearing up for the arrival of locust swarms in Israel, although chances of that are relatively low.
Jared Kushner is visiting Gulf states to try and sell a plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Jared Kushner, a senior White House advisor and son-in-law to U.S. President Donald Trump, is traveling through the Middle East this week reportedly to gauge support for an American attempt to strike a deal in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Inside the United States
House passes resolution overturning Trump border emergency
The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a resolution terminating President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration to secure funding for a border wall.
Supreme Court's 'Peace Cross' case tackles debate on religious freedom, limits of public memorials
On Wednesday, the case goes to the Supreme Court, where the justices hear oral arguments and, within a few months, will deliver a verdict on whether a cross is inherently an exclusionary Christian symbol and must be taken down.
House sends Trump major public lands bill that saves key conservation program
The House approved a bipartisan public lands package Tuesday evening that permanently reauthorizes the popular Land and Water Conservation Fund, which Congress let expire in September.

Christian News
'You Are Finished!' Threaten Vandals Against Church in Turkey
International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on Sunday, February 23, 2019, threatening graffiti messages were found on the main entrance door of the Armenian Church of the Holy Mother of God (Balat Surp Hreshdagabet) in Istanbul, Turkey. According to a statement issued by the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople, 'There were written racist and hate speeches in both English and Arabic [saying] you are finished!'
Methodist Church Upholds Position Against Homosexuality, Same-Sex Marriage
United Methodist Church leaders on Tuesday voted to keep in place bans on same-sex weddings and LGBTQ clergy members.