Prophecy News Watch - February 19, 2019

Around the World
U.S. and China to begin new talks to resolve trade war
A new round of talks between the United States and China to resolve their trade war will take place in Washington on Tuesday, with follow-up sessions at a higher level later in the week, the White House said on Monday.
EU says it will react swiftly if Trump hits it with car tariffs
U.S. President Donald Trump has promised European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that he will not impose additional import tariffs on European cars, for the time being, Juncker was quoted in a published interview as saying on Monday.
Nigeria elections: Whomever wins, Christians hope for justice and security
As Nigerians are preparing to go to the polls tomorrow to elect a new president, Boko Haram has been stepping up attacks in the northeast of the country, making it difficult if not impossible for people to vote.
Iran-al Qaeda alliance may provide legal rationale for U.S. military strikes
Iran is providing high-level al Qaeda operatives with a clandestine sanctuary to funnel fighters, money and weapons across the Middle East, according to Trump administration officials who warn that the long-elusive, complex relationship between two avowed enemies of America has evolved into an unacceptable global security threat.
Trump calls on Venezuela's military to turn on Maduro, decries socialism
President Trump urged Venezuela’s military leaders Monday to turn on leader Nicolas Maduro, casting the struggle in the troubled South American nation as a major test of whether the world can rid itself of a socialist stumbling block.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
UK and Israel Sign Post-Brexit Free Trade Deal
The United Kingdom and Israel finalized a post-Brexit free trade agreement on Monday.
Qatar warns Hamas it won’t pay for Gaza electricity beyond April
Qatar’s envoy to the Gaza Strip, Mohammad al-Emadi, has warned its Hamas rulers that Doha will not extend payments for the territory’s electricity supply beyond April, the Kan public broadcaster reported Monday night.
Sea of Galilee's waterline expected to rise above lower red line
The water level in the Sea of Galilee, or Kinneret, is expected to climb above the freshwater lake's lower red line for the first time in two years, at which point pumping will no longer face government restrictions.

Inside the United States
Sixteen states sue Trump over border wall emergency
Sixteen US states sued President Donald Trump’s administration Monday over his decision to declare a national emergency to fund a wall on the southern border with Mexico, saying the move violated the constitution.
Senators may investigate 'coup' to remove Donald Trump from office
An investigation may take place into claims senior officials discussed whether Donald Trump could be removed from office.
Rod Rosenstein to leave DOJ in mid-March
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to leave the Justice Department in mid-March.
Satanic Temple Loses Battle to Overturn Missouri's Informed Consent Abortion Law
The Satanic Temple in Missouri has lost a court battle to overturn a state law requiring abortion clinics to offer an ultrasound, a mandated 72-hour wait period, and provide state-issued pro-life pamphlets to their customers.

Christian News
Nigerian pastor murdered and his family kidnapped
A pastor was murdered and his family kidnapped after gunmen opened fire on their car on 7 February in Zamfara state, northern Nigeria.
Christian in Sri Lanka Arrested after Reporting Threat on His Life, Watchdog Group Reports
Police in Sri Lanka arrested a Christian who reported a Buddhist mob’s threat on his life, according to an advocacy group in the island country.
Southern Baptist president calls for action on sexual abuse
The president of the Southern Baptist Convention said Monday the denomination has spent years passing resolutions condemning sexual abuse but now it must act.
Research Reveals 'Belonging to a Church Is a Crucial Element' for Longer and Happier Lives
New research shows that attending church at least once a week can lead to longer and happier lives – not only that, it can improve entire communities.