Prophecy News Watch - December 28, 2018

Around the World
US troop withdrawal from Syria could take several months
A week after President Trump's surprising announcement that he was withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria, the U.S. military is drafting a withdrawal plan that could have U.S. troops leaving over several months, according to U.S. officials, who stressed that no final decisions have been made about the planned pace of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria.
Russia Begins Testing Nuclear Weapon That Can Travel Underwater and 'Nothing' Can Stop It, Report Says
Moscow has reportedly begun testing an underwater nuclear weapon that has been touted as invincible by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
German army 'could recruit EU citizens'
Seven years after Germany scrapped conscription, its defense chief has said employing EU citizens is 'an option' to fill expert posts.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel: Iran operating on Syrian border, despite Russian assurances
An Israeli security official on Wednesday confirmed responsibility for overnight airstrikes in Syria, saying the air force had hit a series of targets involved in Iranian arms transfers to the Hezbollah militant group.
Satellite images reveal Iranian facility destroyed in Syria strike
An intelligence report issued by the satellite imaging company ImageSat International (ISI) on Thursday revealed the aftermath of the recent airstrikes in Syria, largely attributed to Israel.

Inside the United States
Shutdown talks dead since Saturday after Democrats rejected White House proposal
Efforts to resolve a government shutdown fight have been at a standstill since Saturday, when Democrats rejected a White House proposal that reduced President Trump's $5 billion demand for a border wall and offered flexibility on just how solid the wall needed to be.
Trump weighs canceling NAFTA to force hand of Democrats on trade
President Trump and his advisers are weighing whether to cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement to force through his revised trade deal, a strong-arm tactic that would present Congress -- and resistant Democrats -- with the stark choice of assent or disarray.
IRS unable to recoup nearly $1 billion in Obamacare subsidies
The IRS overpaid nearly $4 billion to Obamacare customers through tax credits last year, and because of the way the law is written it can’t even try to collect on a quarter of that, the Treasury Department’s inspector general reported this week.

Christian News
Bomb at Greek church injures 2 after no warning given
A crudely-made bomb exploded outside one of Athens‘ most important churches early Thursday, injuring its caretaker and a police officer - troubling authorities as the attack took place without warning in one of the capital’s busiest areas.