Prophecy News Watch - August 21, 2018

Around the World
US security adviser: Our goal is to get Iran out of Syria
White House National Security Adviser John Bolton arrived in Israel Sunday and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for talks focused mainly on Iran.
Britain urges US, Europe to 'go further' in countering Russia
New British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Tuesday (Aug 21) will urge the United States and European countries to do more to call out Russia's 'malign behavior' and keep Vladimir Putin in check, notably by implementing tough sanctions.

Iraq's neighbors siphon Fertile Crescent water supply for their own agriculture, power projects
The Islamic State hold on territory has been broken, but Iraq now faces another existential threat as it battles neighboring Iran and Turkey for access to an increasingly scarce flow of water to the once-flourishing Fertile Crescent running down the spine of the country.
Erdogan vows Turkey will not be cowed by US
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared Saturday that his country would not be cowed by the United States, his latest broadside in the bitter feud between Ankara and Washington.
White House: U.S. Will Pay ‘Nothing’ for Pastor’s Release
Key advocates pressing Turkey for the release of a U.S. pastor and several other U.S. diplomats are praising the Trump administration for refusing to negotiate with Ankara about U.S. sanctions relief even as they acknowledge an impasse in the efforts to win the Americans' freedom.
Iran unveils a new fighter jet
Iran unveiled a new fighter jet on Tuesday, state media reported, as tensions rise between Tehran and regional rivals over conflicts in the Middle East.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Hamas: We won't disarm as part of any truce with Israel
Hamas said on Monday that it will not lay down its weapons or 'pay any political price' as part of any cease-fire agreement with Israel.
With Abbas sidelined, Israeli-Palestinian conflict enters new territory
It is unlikely coincidental that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas this weekend restated a call for 'popular resistance' against Israel, as the PA boss, back up against the wall, is seen by critics as having resorted to the often-used tactic of deflecting blame away from his own shortcomings and onto the 'occupation.'

Inside the United States
GOP has ‘record-shattering’ 30 million voter contacts, 20,000-member outreach team
The Republican National Committee’s program to out-do former President Obama’s grassroots organizing has gone into warp speed and already made a record-breaking 30 million voter contacts in its goal of keeping the House and Senate in GOP hands.
Two Iranian-Americans Charged With Spying on Jewish, Israeli Facilities
Two Iranian-Americans have been charged by the Trump administration with spying on Jewish and Israeli-associated facilities in California on behalf of the hardline Iranian regime, the Department of Justice announced late Monday.
Antifa Assaults Progressive Protester for Carrying American Flag
A progressive and registered Democrat was assaulted by militant leftists earlier this month for carrying an American flag at a protest in Portland, Oregon, and is recovering from his injuries.