Prophecy News Watch - June 19, 2015

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Iran Deal Not by June 30, but Perhaps in Days that Follow
Iran is trying to avoid detailed commitments. The French are sticking to their tough line. And US President Barack Obama faces a battle to sell any deal to a skeptical Congress.
Pope Urges 'Bold Cultural Revolution' To Save Planet
Pope Francis called Thursday for a bold cultural revolution to correct what he calls the "structurally perverse" economic system of the rich exploiting the poor that is turning Earth into an "immense pile of filth."
Chaos in Libya paves way for Islamic State expansion
Benefiting from Libya's political chaos, Islamic State militants are consolidating their base in the city of Sirte and grabbing new territory, pushing back fighters from Misrata.
UN: World's Refugee Crisis is Worse than Anyone Expected
The number of people uprooted from their homes by war and persecution in 2014 was larger than in any year since detailed record-keeping began, according to a comprehensive report released early Thursday by the U.N. refugee agency that will add to the evidence of a global exodus unlike any in modern times.
Russian ambassador: If Sweden joins NATO, there will be 'consequences'
Russia's ambassador to Sweden has warned the country of the potential military 'consequences' associated with joining NATO in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, The Local reports.
South Sudan fighting kills 129 children
THE UN children's agency says at least 129 children were killed - with boys castrated and girls raped - during a government offensive last month in South Sudan.
Boko Haram Attacks Villages in Niger, 40 Dead, Says Official
Militants from the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram crossed the border and attacked two towns in neighboring Niger, setting homes ablaze and killing at least 40 people, a local government official said Thursday.
Merkel Tries to Get Greek Talks Back on Track
With Greece's fate in the balance, European finance ministers converge on Luxembourg with little hope for a deal as German Chancellor Angela Merkel seeks to restore calm to increasingly rancorous exchanges.
Russia, Greece sign deal on Turkish Stream gas pipeline
Russia and Greece have signed a deal to create a joint enterprise for construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline across Greek territory, Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak said. The pipeline will have a capacity of 47 billion cubic meters a year.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Netanyahu calls for swift probe into 'Jesus church' arson attack
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed officials from the Shin Bet security service to open a probe Thursday into the torching of a church in northern Israel, as politicians from across the spectrum and church figures spoke out against the crime.
If conflict not resolved, ISIS will make Palestinian cause its own
France's foreign minister heads to the Middle East this weekend with an initiative aimed at bringing Israel and the Palestinians back to peace talks under an international framework amid growing regional instability.
An Inside Look At How Obama Killed The U.S.-Israel Relationship
In his new memoir, former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren documents the rapid dissolution of the historically close U.S.-Israel alliance under President Barack Obama. Oren recounts being threatened and intimidated at multiple junctures by Obama and his senior officials, marking many firsts in a relationship that has long been the cornerstone of American foreign policy.

Inside the United States
House OKs Obama trade agenda on 2nd try, bill heads to Senate
The House on Thursday approved a key plank of President Obama's trade agenda after the push nearly imploded amid Democratic resistance last week, sending the bill to the Senate where it still faces an uncertain fate.
Obama sends 'warmest' Ramadan greetings to Muslims
U.S. President Barack Obama offered in a Wednesday message his "warmest greetings" to Muslims celebrating the beginning of Ramadan, saying that the Islamic fasting month was the time to "reinforce faith, compassion and forgiveness, and perseverance through adversity."
Army Shipped Live Anthrax for 10 Years, Couldn?t Effectively Kill Bacteria
The U.S. Army research facility that has mistakenly shipped live anthrax to unsuspecting labs in the U.S. and abroad for more than 10 years failed to have effective and standardized procedures for killing the deadly bacteria with radiation, according to a federal investigation report.
Senate Democrats block defense spending bill
Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked consideration of a $575.9 billion defense appropriations bill in protest over the use of war funding to evade mandatory budget caps, fulfilling their promise to hold up legislation until majority Republicans agree to budget talks.
Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio give evangelical conservatives viable 2016 options
This year's GOP presidential field is like manna from heaven for evangelical conservatives who, after a sparse 2012 contest, say they have plenty of viable options to pick from this time around.
Charleston church shooting reignites debates over guns, race in U.S.
Dylann Storm Roof -- a skinny, young white man with a bowl haircut -- entered a historic black church, sat down next to its well-known pastor for a Bible study and, about an hour later, according to police, he pulled out a gun and killed nine people in a race-fueled mass shooting that reignited talk about guns and racism in America.
Sen. Rand Paul to Unveil 14.5 Percent Flat Tax for All
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul outlined some of the highlights of a 'fair and flat tax' plan he was to unveil on Capitol Hill later on Thursday, saying that the measure will not only simplify the nation's sprawling tax code, but will allow Americans to keep more of the money they've earned.
Hannity On Trade: GOP Leadership 'Selling Out American Sovereignty'
Sean Hannity tore apart GOP leadership for continuing their push to give President Barack Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) as the House looks to set up a vote as early as this week on the legislation.
Authorities arrest 243 people in $712 million Medicare fraud
The U.S. Department of Justice said on Thursday that 243 people have been arrested across the country, charged with submitting fake billing for Medicare, a government healthcare program, that totaled $712 million.
Supreme Court: Texas Can Ban Confederate License Plates
The U.S. Supreme Court has backed Texas' decision to forbid specialty license plates sporting an image of the Confederate flag, a ruling that could have national implications for how free speech protections apply to government services.
Bill's Rain to Drench Midwest, Northeast Into the Weekend
Moisture from Bill will enhance rainfall across part of the Midwest by Friday and some of the Northeast this weekend, leading to localized flood concerns.
Pentagon Building Cruise Missile Shield To Defend US Cities From Russia
The Pentagon is quietly working to set up an elaborate network of defenses to protect American cities from a barrage of Russian cruise missiles.

Christian News
Christian pilgrims reconsidering visits to Israel after suspected church arson
A number of groups of Christian pilgrims are considering canceling their plans to arrive in Israel following a suspected arson attack against the Church of Loaves and Fishes on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel, a senior adviser to the Catholic Church said Thursday.
Analysis: Iran's war on Christians casts doubt on nuclear agreement
After his campaign promises in 2013 to guarantee the rights of religious minorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country's self-declared moderate President Hassan Rouhani has remained silent about the ongoing crackdown on Christians. Rouhani's indifference to imprisoned Christians is a form of complicity in human rights violations and a window into a flawed nuclear negotiation process.
Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds Church's Right to Post Road Signs
The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of a church's right to post roadside signs where other signs are allowed.
White man threatens Virginia churchgoers, spews racial slurs
Police arrested a white man who shouted racial slurs and threatened to kill black congregants gathered inside a church in Richmond, Virginia, on Thursday night, local broadcaster WRIC reported.
Charleston church massacre suspect caught, but answers elude victims' loved ones
Police on Thursday nabbed the 21-year-old man suspected of gunning down nine people gathered for Bible study in a Charleston, S.C., church, nearly 14 hours later and 240 miles away after an all-night manhunt.

Prophecy News Watch - June 18, 2015

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Assad Uses Chem Weapons as Syria Battles Spread
Syrian President Bashar Assad's army has used chemical weapons at least 29 times in the past year, according to testimony delivered Wednesday before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
Sessions: Fast Track Would Lead to 3 Pacts Encompassing 90% of World GDP
Senator Jeff Sessions is worried that the adoption of the Trans-Pacific Partnership would lead to an 'historic international regulatory Commission' that would encompass 90 percent of the world's GDP. He's concerned that it would '[create] a self-governing and self-perpetuating Commission with extraordinary implications for American workers and American sovereignty.'
Asteroid Icarus to skim past the Earth in rare 'distant pass'
Asteroid Icarus, the kilometre-long spacerock named after the Greek mythological character that flew too close to the sun, will skim past the Earth on Tuesday night making a rare 'distant pass' of five million miles.
Russian Army Re-Brands Under Putin
Russia's president Vladimir Putin on Tuesday opened a massive military expo in a brand new army exhibition center just outside Moscow, unveiling another major project meant to showcase Russia's armed forces as modern and professional.
Nato shows its teeth to Russia with elaborate Baltic training exercise
Dozens of Nato landing craft churned through the Baltic's grey waters. Further out at sea, huge warships -- the US's San Antonio, Britain's Ocean and Poland's Lublin -- filled the horizon. On the beach, DVs -- short for distinguished visitors -- including the UK defence secretary, Michael Fallon, were watching.
RAF Scrambled As Russians Stray Near NATO Drill
RAF Typhoons have been scrambled three times in the last 24 hours to intercept Russian jets flying close to NATO military exercises in the Baltic.
Mount Everest Moves More Than an Inch Southwest After Nepal Earthquake
The incredible energy unleashed by the magnitude-7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25 moved Mount Everest more than an inch.
Egypt court confirms ousted President Mohammed Morsi's death sentence
An Egyptian court on Tuesday confirmed the death sentence of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi over a mass prison break during the country's 2011 uprising, making him the first leader in Egypt's modern history to potentially face execution.
Number displaced worldwide hits record high - UN report
The number of people displaced by war, conflict or persecution reached a record high of nearly 60 million around the world in 2014, a UN report says.
Inside Islamic State group's rule: Creating a nation of fear
Inside the Islamic State's realm, the paper testifying that you have 'repented' from your heretical past must be carried at all times. Many people laminate it just to be safe. It can mean the difference between life and death.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Hamas denies reaching long-term ceasefire agreement with Israel
Hamas denied on Wednesday that it reached a long-term ceasefire agreement with Israel, with a senior Hamas official saying that 'so far, we have no written plans to discuss with the Palestinian factions.'

Inside the United States
Fed holds off on interest rate hike, downgrades economic forecast
Federal Reserve policymakers on Wednesday kept the central bank's benchmark short-term interest rate near zero, opting against the first increase since 2006 after determining the economy still isn't strong enough to handle it.
Heavy rain from Bill causes new floods in North Texas
Although Tropical Storm Bill weakened to a tropical depression Wednesday, the weather system still packed heavy Gulf Coast rain that caused a new round of flooding from already swollen lakes and rivers in North Texas.
Op-Ed: No wonder Obama won't let us read TPP
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would turn over to globalists the power to issue regulations about U.S. trade, immigration, the environment, labor and commerce. It's called a 'living agreement,' which means the globalists can amend and change the text of the so-called agreement after it has gone into effect.
Toxic algae bloom might be largest ever
Scientists onboard a NOAA research vessel are beginning a survey of what could be the largest toxic algae bloom ever recorded off the West Coast.
Documents challenge Clinton claim no classified intel on personal emails
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her personal email account to handle high level negotiations in 2011 for a no-fly zone to help topple Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, according to a series of emails obtained by Fox News, challenging her claim the private server did not hold classified information.
FBI in Midst of Broad Campaign to Disrupt ISIS, Sources Say
The FBI is in the midst of a broad campaign to disrupt potential terrorists inspired by ISIS, with several arrests expected before July 4th, law enforcement officials told ABC News.

Christian News
Eritrean Christians Caught Between Persecutors
Eritrean Christians are being forced to choose between living under a dictatorship that imprisons believers for their faith, or risking their lives by escaping Eritrea by way of Sudan.
Americans' confidence in religion hits a new low
Americans have less confidence in organized religion today than ever measured before -- a sign that the church could be 'losing its footing as a pillar of moral leadership in the nation's culture,' a new Gallup survey finds.
Sea of Galilee church torched in suspected hate attack
A fire broke out at the Church of the Multiplication at Tabgha, on the Sea of Galilee, early Thursday in what police suspect was an arson attack.
Nine killed in shooting at South Carolina church, gunman still at large
Nine people were killed late Wednesday at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C. after a white gunman walked in during a prayer meeting and began shooting.
Muslim Leader Plans to Turn Thousands of Churches Into Mosques; Claims Christians and Muslims Worship 'the Same God'
A prominent Muslim leader in France has suggested that thousands of the country's abandoned Catholic churches should be turned into mosques to accommodate the growing French Muslim population, which is the largest Muslim population in Europe.
Southern Baptists urged to reject any laws legalizing gay marriage
Prepare for civil disobedience. That's the message one prominent pastor is sending to some 16 million members of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Prophecy News Watch - June 17, 2015

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Pope Calls for a 'New Global Political Authority'
Pope Francis will this week call for changes in lifestyles and energy consumption to avert the "unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem" before the end of this century, according to a leaked draft of a papal encyclical. In a document released by an Italian magazine on Monday, the pontiff will warn that failure to act would have "grave consequences for all of us".
U.S. Allies in Syria Cut ISIS Supply Line
A quick and successful offensive by Kurdish fighters and allied rebels in a northern Syrian town has boosted a U.S.-backed effort to choke off Islamic State's supply routes and offered a template for regaining territory from the extremist group.
Russia to increase nuclear arsenal as U.S. plans more firepower in Europe
Russia announced Tuesday that it will expand its nuclear arsenal, sparking concerns about a renewed arms race as old Cold War rivals Moscow and Washington plan to increase their military capacity amid rising tensions over Ukraine.
North Korea says hit by worst drought in 100 years
North Korea has been hit by what it describes as its worst drought in a century, which could worsen chronic food shortages in a country where the United Nations says almost a third of children under five are stunted because of poor nutrition.
NASA Scientist: We're Running Out of Groundwater, Situation 'Critical'
More than half of the world's largest underground water reservoirs are reportedly going dry -- with more water being removed than is being replaced.
World stock markets mostly rise before Fed statement
World stock markets mostly rose Wednesday as investors looked ahead to a Federal Reserve policy statement that could shed new light on when the U.S. central bank will raise interest rates.
Iran nuke talks impeded by disagreement on all main elements
Iran and six powers are still apart on all main elements of a nuclear deal with less than two weeks to go to their June 30 target date and will likely have to extend their negotiations, two diplomats tell The Associated Press.
China says South China Sea island building to finish soon
China will complete land reclamation projects on its disputed South China Sea territorial claims as planned within days, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday, in an apparent bid to reassure its neighbors over moves seen as sharpening tensions in the strategically vital region.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Hamas rejects unilateral dissolution of Palestinian unity
Hamas said Wednesday it rejected any unilateral dissolution of the Palestinian unity government after senior officials reported that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced the government would resign.
Sirens in Israel as Syrian rebels launch anti-government offensive
Rebels in southern Syria announced a major offensive on Wednesday to capture remaining positions held by the Syrian military in Quneitra province, near to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The shelling set off sirens on the Israeli side of the border, warning of incoming rockets or shells.
Inscription bearing name from Davidic era found at ancient site
An ancient Canaanite inscription including a name shared with a biblical rival to King David was found by archaeologists on a pot unearthed at a site in the Elah Valley, west of Jerusalem, researchers said Tuesday. One of them described it as a 'once in a lifetime' find.
Israel's new radar system is largest yet
Development of Israel's largest radar system (and one of the world's largest) was recently completed by Israel Aerospace Industries, and details of its design and capabilities have been released.

Inside the United States
Government debt threatens to send U.S. economy into death spiral, CBO warns
Rising federal debt threatens to choke economic growth within a decade, beginning a death spiral that will sap revenue from government programs even as demands grow, forcing the government to borrow even more, Congress' budget watchdog said in a frightening report Tuesday.
Feds can't verify nearly $3B in ObamaCare subsidies, audit shows
The federal government cannot verify nearly $3 billion in subsidies distributed through ObamaCare, putting significant taxpayer funding 'at risk,' according to a new audit report.
Obama Prepares More 'Executive Actions' On Global Warming
President Barack Obama is preparing to unleash a series of "executive actions" aimed at boosting the green energy industry as part of the president's global warming agenda.
Top investigator says federal cybersecurity 'stinks'
The Obama administration's chief human resources officer ignored warnings to shut down the very computer systems that hackers would use to steal the most personal information of millions of federal employees, Congress was told Tuesday in testimony that left lawmakers stunned at the gaps in cybersecurity.

Prophecy News Watch - 6/16/2015

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China says South China Sea island building to finish soon
China will complete land reclamation projects on its disputed South China Sea territorial claims as planned within days, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday, in an apparent bid to reassure its neighbors over moves seen as sharpening tensions in the strategically vital region.
Al Qaeda in Yemen says leader killed in US bombing
Al Qaeda in Yemen said its leader Nasser al-Wuhayshi was killed in a US bombing, in a statement posted online.
U.S. allies rethink Obama trade agenda in wake of defeat
President Obama's stunning loss in a showdown trade vote last week didn't just complicate his relations with fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill.
Franklin Graham: Obama Freed Muslim Held in Egypt; Christian Pastor Suffers in Iran
Franklin Graham, the Christian evangelist, has said President Barack Obama should intervene to press for the release of Saeed Abedini in the way that he did for a man linked to the Muslim Brotherhood held in Egypt.
Russia says will retaliate if U.S. weapons stationed on its borders
A plan by Washington to station tanks and heavy weapons in NATO states on Russia's border would be the most aggressive U.S. act since the Cold War, and Moscow would retaliate by beefing up its own forces, a Russian defense official said on Monday.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF establishes new cyber branch
IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot decided to establish a new Cyber Branch in the IDF in light of the global increase in cyber attacks.
PM says Iran deal gets worse day by day
With the June 30 deadline for a nuclear deal between the world powers and Iran quickly approaching, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet Sunday that the deal looks worse with each passing day.

Inside the United States
Boehner, House Republicans Working to Resurrect Trade Bill
House Republicans are working to revive the trade bill squashed last week by Democrats led by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.
Tropical Storm Bill heads for Texas coast
As if Texas hasn't had enough rain this spring, now the state faces a visit from Tropical Storm Bill early Tuesday.
N.C. abortion-ultrasound law dead as Supreme Court denies review
A North Carolina law that would have required doctors to show and describe a fetal ultrasound image to a pregnant woman before she has an abortion is now permanently blocked.
121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration
More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings, according to government data released Monday that raises more questions about whether immigration authorities are doing enough to detail illegal immigrants awaiting deportation.
Jeb Bush enters 2016 White House race, ending the long wait
Jeb Bush jumped off the sidelines and into the Republican presidential race on Monday, kicking his campaign-in-waiting into gear after spending months raising money and lining up support.
IRS Finds 6,400 Lois Lerner Emails But Won't Hand Em Over
The Internal Revenue Service may have found 6,400 emails from Lois Lerner, who oversaw the tax agency's Exempt Organizations Unit, but the government agency has no plans to share.
Supreme Court races the clock on gay marriage, Obamacare and more
The future of same-sex marriage and President Obama's health care law hang in the balance as the Supreme Court's 2014 term draws rapidly to a close this month. But those aren't the only big issues on the justices' plate.