Prophecy News Watch - April 4, 2016

Around the World
Russia Doubling Nuclear Warheads
Russia is doubling the number of its strategic nuclear warheads on new missiles by deploying multiple reentry vehicles that have put Moscow over the limit set by the New START arms treaty, according to Pentagon officials.
Satellite image of red River Nile evokes biblical legend
A newly released satellite image of Egypt's Nile river shows the river colored deep red, bringing to mind the biblical first plague in which the waters of the great river turned to blood.
Obama says world should carry out its end of Iran nuclear deal
US President Barack Obama said Friday that world powers should carry out their end of the Iran nuclear deal and allow companies to do business in the Islamic republic.
IS 'madmen' would gladly use nukes, Obama warns summit
More cooperation is needed to prevent the Islamic State group's 'madmen' and other extremists from getting a nuclear weapon, US President Barack Obama warned Friday as global leaders met in Washington.
Caught between White House and its critics, lawmaker pledges to renew Iran sanctions
The top Democrat handling foreign relations in the Senate says he will endeavor to get Congress to reauthorize Iran sanctions before year's end, a key goal of pro-Israel activists.
Nusra Front, Syrian rebels attack government forces near Aleppo, gain ground
Syrian rebels and the al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front have mounted an offensive against Syrian government forces and on Saturday took a strategic hill south of Aleppo from government control, a monitoring group said.
Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca leak reveals elite's tax havens
A huge leak of confidential documents has revealed how the rich and powerful use tax havens to hide their wealth.
Islamic State executes 15 of its own near Raqqa, Syria: monitor
Islamic State has killed 15 of its members in the largest execution of the militant group's security services so far in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday.
Saudi Arabia executions reach record high as beheadings set to double this year
Saudi Arabia has already executed 82 people this year and is on course to behead twice as many prisoners as it did in 2015, according to new statistics compiled by a leading human rights organisation likely to raise fresh concerns about the UK's close ties to the Kingdom.
Shocking leak exposes corruption, secret accounts linked to Putin, Assad, FIFA
Millions of sensitive documents were leaked from a large and secretive Panama wealth services firm, according to reports Sunday.
Iraqi forces take northern edge of IS-held town
Iraqi forces took the northern edge of the Islamic State-held town of Hit, west of Baghdad, on Sunday in an operation led by the country's elite counterterrorism forces, military officials said.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Hamas and Fatah take tentative steps toward unity
Once again, there are reports of rivals Hamas and Fatah drawing together ahead of an agreement on Palestinian unity.
IAF 'very disturbed by significant rise in ballistic threat'
The Israel Air Force is "highly disturbed" by the drastic rise in the threat of ballistic missiles to Israel, and the ongoing Middle Eastern arms race, a senior air force official said on Sunday.
Steinitz: Israel very prepared to deal with nuclear terrorism
U.S. President Barack Obama urged world leaders on Friday to keep up efforts to safeguard vulnerable nuclear facilities to prevent terrorist groups like Islamic State from getting their hands on an atomic weapon or a radioactive 'dirty bomb.'
Report: German intelligence spying on Netanyahu's office
German intelligence agency BND has reportedly been spying on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Office for several years, German weekly Der Spiegel reported on Saturday.
Israel investing NIS 11 million in LGBT tourism
The Ministry of Tourism is preparing to invest an impressive NIS 11 million to promote LGBT tourism to Israel. The ministry is planning a campaign targeting multiple countries, including many in Europe, that is intended to promote Israel as a liberal country and entice members of the LGBT community to visit.
Star of David found engraved into an ancient Temple arouses bustle in Egypt
Egypt has recently been witnessing a great commotion following the archeological discovery of two Star of David engravings in an ancient Temple in the southern city of Aswan.

Inside the United States
Mississippi lawmakers approve religion bill amid gay-rights protests
A Mississippi measure that would allow people with religious objections to deny wedding services to same-sex couples and provide wide protections for actions decried as discriminatory by gay rights advocates passed the state legislature on Friday.
U.S. military suicides remain high for 7th year
The Pentagon reported Friday that 265 active-duty servicemembers killed themselves last year, continuing a trend of unusually high suicide rates that have plagued the U.S. military for at least seven years.
Marijuana Advocates Protest With Giant Joint Outside White House
Activists who think President Barack Obama has been 'a big zero' on marijuana reform plan, raised a huge, inflatable marijuana joint near the White House on Saturday.
Move to OK commercial drone flights over people
A government-sponsored committee is recommending standards that could clear the way for commercial drone flights over populated areas and help speed the introduction of package delivery drones and other uses not yet possible, The Associated Press has learned.
Calif. legislature approves $15 minimum wage
The California legislature approved a bill Thursday to raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour, up from $10. The legislation passed both houses in the state legislature and is now headed to the desk of Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown, who said he would sign it.

U.S. Politics
Clinton 'unborn person' comments anger both pro-choice, pro-life sides
Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton ran afoul of both the pro-life and pro-choice sides of the abortion debate Sunday when she said constitutional rights do not apply to an "unborn person" or "child."
Paul Ryan in Israel dismisses talk of being Republicans' compromise pick
House Speaker Paul Ryan on Sunday rebuffed relentless speculation that he might emerge from Republican infighting as the GOP's presidential candidate, telling The Times of Israel that there were 'lots of reasons' why he hadn't run for president this time, and that he wasn't about to change his mind.
Kasich predicts open convention: 'It's going to be so much fun'
Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said he thinks he has a good chance at a contested convention this summer.
RNC chief Priebus moves to steer Trump away from third-party bid
Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus insists that he doesn't think Donald Trump or any other GOP presidential candidate will make a third-party run if he loses the nomination. But if someone does, the GOP will be ready.

Christian News
India: Attacks continue despite Congressional letter
Despite having received a letter last month from the U.S. Congress requesting that India's prime minister condemn the sectarian attacks on his nation's religious minorities, PM Narendra Modi remains unmoved.
Tennessee Senate Committee Votes to Make Bible State's Official Book
A bill that would designate the Bible as the official book of Tennessee has passed the state's House of Representatives and a Senate committee, and now goes on to another Senate committee for approval.
Funeral of Muslim Shopkeeper Killed for Wishing Christians 'Happy Easter' Attended by Hundreds
Hundreds of mourners paid their last respects at the funeral of Muslim shopkeeper Asad Shah at a mosque in Glasgow, Scotland, on Saturday, days after he was stabbed to death by a fellow Muslim for posting a message on Facebook wishing Christians a happy Easter.

Prophecy News Watch - April 1, 2016

Around the World
US, Russia come to agreement on Assad's departure from Syrian presidency
The United States and Russia have agreed to let Syrian President Bashar Assad seek refuge in another country as part of a future political solution regarding the prolonged civil war engulfing his country, the British- based publication Al-Hayat reported Thursday.
World's obese population hits 641 million, global study finds
More than 640 million people globally now weigh in as obese and the world has more overweight than underweight people, according to an analysis of global trends in body mass index (BMI).
Europe turns to the right after terror attacks
The Brussels attacks have given a boost to the far right in Belgium and beyond, and their anti-Islam language is finding a special resonance after another bloodbath by Islamic State extremists.
Senators: Obama Admin to Fund Iranian Terrorism, Missile Buildup
Leading senators are expressing renewed concerns over an Obama administration effort to grant Iran expanded sanctions relief that the lawmakers warn would help fund Iran's global terrorist activities and illicit buildup of ballistic missile technology.
Pentagon Confirms New North Korean ICBM
North Korea has developed a new long-range mobile intercontinental ballistic missile that the Pentagon says moves the country's leader Kim Jong Un closer to the goal of building missiles capable of striking the U.S. mainland with nuclear warheads.
21 Generals Lead ISIS War the U.S. Denies Fighting
In the war against the self-proclaimed Islamic State, the U.S. military is notably short on soldiers, but apparently not on generals.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel, PA said to meet on future of security coordination
Israeli security officials met with their counterparts from the Palestinian Authority Wednesday night in Jerusalem to discuss the fate of security coordination between the two sides, Palestinian media reported.
Israeli and Egyptian ministers meet for first time in years
National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz met in Washington on Thursday with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry for the first meeting between ministers of the two countries in a number of years.
Despite everything, Abbas tells Israelis, peace is attainable
The Palestinian Authority president reached out to Israel on Thursday, saying he opposes near-daily Palestinian attacks on Israelis and suggesting the violence would stop if the defunct peace process were to resume.

Inside the United States
Dow posts biggest quarterly comeback since 1933
After tumultuous trading in early 2016, two of the three major U.S. averages clawed back to finish the first quarter in the green.
Judge Strikes Down Mississippi's Ban on Same-Sex Adoptions
A federal judge struck down Mississippi's ban on adoption by same-sex couples Thursday -- making the practice legal nationwide.
Virginia trooper killed in shooting at Greyhound bus station in Richmond
A Virginia State Police trooper on a training exercise for a criminal interdiction squad was killed and two civilians were wounded when a man the officer had just begun to question opened fire Thursday afternoon inside a Greyhound Bus Station near downtown Richmond, authorities said.
Economists Say 'Main Street Tax Plan' Would Grow Economy By $2 Trillion
Economists touted the benefits of the Main Street Tax Plan, saying it would expand the economy by $2 trillion in a decade, at an event at the Hudson Institute on Wednesday.
Number of Californians Moving to Texas Hits Highest Level in Nearly a Decade
The number of Californians leaving the state and moving to Texas is at its highest level in nearly a decade, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service.

U.S. Politics
Kasich goes after Trump: He's not fit to be president
Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Thursday declared Donald Trump unfit to be president and warned that if the New York real estate developer wins the Republican nomination, it would put at risk the reelection of Sen. Pat Toomey.
Trump holds 'unity' meeting with Republican Party chairman
Donald Trump met with the Republican National Committee Thursday to talk unity, a day after he dropped an abortion bombshell in their laps.

Christian News
Bible charity vows to continue translation work after murders of four employees
The murders of four translators working to bring the Bible to obscure languages in the Middle East earlier this month won't stop the charity behind the effort from its work, officials said.
Iranian Christian Converts' Right to Seek Asylum Can't Be Denied, EU Human Rights Court Rules
Iranian Christian converts must be granted the right to a fair evaluation of danger by European governments before they can be denied asylum and sent back to the Islamic Republic, the top human rights court in Europe ruled Wednesday.

Prophecy News Watch - November 20, 2015

Around the World
Officials: IS determined to produce chemical weapons
The Islamic State group is aggressively pursuing development of chemical weapons, setting up a branch dedicated to research and experiments with the help of scientists from Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the region, according to Iraqi and U.S. intelligence officials.
Jordan's King Abdullah: We are facing a Third World War
The world is facing another global conflict and a fast response is needed to deal with the threat, Jordan's King Abdullah said on Tuesday.
CIA: Leak of Nuclear-Armed Drone Sub Was Intentional
U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that Russia's recent disclosure of a nuclear-armed underwater drone submarine was a deliberate leak, according to analysis of Russian video news reports and official Moscow statements.
Alarming new 'superbug' gene found in animals and people in China
A new gene that makes bacteria highly resistant to a last-resort class of antibiotics has been found in people and pigs in China - including in samples of bacteria with epidemic potential, researchers said on Wednesday.
Antibiotic resistance: World on cusp of 'post-antibiotic era'
The world is on the cusp of a 'post-antibiotic era', scientists have warned after finding bacteria resistant to drugs used when all other treatments have failed.
Some attackers used refugee crisis to 'slip into' France: PM
Some of the suspects in the Paris attacks took advantage of Europe's migrant crisis to 'slip in' unnoticed, the French premier said Thursday, warning the EU needed to 'take responsibility' over border controls.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
2 murdered in Tel Aviv stabbing attack
Two Israelis were killed and another was moderately wounded in a stabbing in southern Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon.
Abbas admits he rejected 2008 peace offer from Olmert
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has shined new light on the breakdown of a potentially history-altering round of 2008 peace talks, saying that he rejected an offer from Israel's Ehud Olmert -- which included placing Jerusalem's Old City under international control -- because he was not allowed to study the map.
Israel: Assad used 90% of Syria's missiles on rebels
Syria has used over 90 percent of its ballistic missile arsenal over the five-year civil war on fighting opposition rebels but some missiles have made their way to Hezbollah in Lebanon, according to a senior Israeli military source.

Inside the United States
FBI: 6 men arrested near Mexico border in Sonoita, Ariz.
Six men -- one from Afghanistan; five from Pakistan -- were arrested near the Mexico border in an area by Sonoita, Ariz., according to local FBI officials.
House approves Syrian refugee screening bill, defies veto threat
The House overwhelmingly approved a bill Thursday aimed at improving screening for Syrian and Iraqi refugees, with dozens of Democrats joining majority Republicans in defiance of a White House veto threat.
Syrian community leader: ISIS is already in America
A leader of New York City's Syrian community told The Post on Wednesday that ISIS terrorists have 'absolutely' sneaked into America by posing as civil-war refugees -- and joined sleeper cells just waiting to be activated.
Frankenfish coming to a store near you
Coming soon to your grocery store's seafood counter: genetically engineered salmon.
Homeland Security Running Hundreds of Sensitive, Top Secret Databases Vulnerable to Attacks
The Department of Homeland Security is running hundreds of sensitive and top secret databases without the proper authorization, leaving the agency unsure if it can 'protect sensitive information' from cyber attacks.

Christian News
China tortures legal reps of religious groups
China continues to oppress members of religious groups and often singles out those representing them for torture.
Pakistan's anti-Christian discrimination in education
Christians leaders have petitioned Pakistan's supreme court to end its discrimination against minorities in the nation's educational system.
UAE's Christian Churches Growing Despite Threat of Eradication in Middle East
Christian churches are growing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), despite the threat of Christianity being eradicated in the Middle East.

Prophecy News Watch - November 19, 2015

Around the World
Jordan's King Abdullah: We are facing a Third World War
The world is facing another global conflict and a fast response is needed to deal with the threat, Jordan's King Abdullah said on Tuesday.
Iran uranium stockpile grows after deal with Obama
Iran's stockpile of low-enriched uranium has grown in the past three months, the United Nations nuclear watchdog reported on Wednesday. The stockpile is supposed to be slashed as a result of the agreement the regime reached this summer with the United States and other world powers.
Explosion blamed on Nigeria's Boko Haram kills 32, wounds 80
A night-time suicide bombing blamed on Boko Haram extremists killed 32 people and wounded 80 Tuesday at a truck stop in northeastern Nigeria, an emergency official said.
Two Air France Flights to Paris Diverted After Bomb Threats
Bomb threats forced two Air France flights bound for Paris to be diverted Tuesday night.
'Iranian Bloodbath in Syria' Causing Strain in Tehran
At least 53 highly trained Iranian fighters have been killed in Syria as of mid-November, causing political strain in the Iranian government, which has sought to downplay and hide these deaths from public view, according to disclosures from an Israeli security organization.
Putin's help in Islamic State fight seen likely to come with strings attached
Western sanctions and international outrage over the invasion of Ukraine were supposed to leave Russian President Vladimir Putin isolated and weakened on the world stage, but that was before the surge of international attacks by the Islamic State found President Obama and other Western leaders suddenly in need of Moscow's help.
Terror on a Shoestring: Paris Attacks Likely Cost $10,523f7c or Less
The multi-pronged ISIS attack on Paris may have been sophisticated and shattering -- but it wasn't expensive.
China 'must stop' land reclamation in South China Sea - Obama
China must stop land reclamation in disputed waters in the South China Sea, US President Barack Obama has said.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF responds to earlier rocket fire by hitting two terrorist targets in Gaza
Israel struck two Hamas terrorist infrastructure sites Wednesday morning in response to an earlier rocket attack that targeted the country's South.
Spain issues arrest warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu
A Spanish judge has issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other former and current government officials for a deadly fight at sea in 2010. As long as the warrant is in effect, if Netanyahu and those officials set foot in the western European country, they could be detained and questioned.

Inside the United States
CDC Sees 'Alarming' Increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Common sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea have exploded in recent years, in part because of reduced funding for public health clinics, federal officials reported Tuesday.
Obama threatens to veto House bill on Syrian refugees
President Obama would veto a House bill aimed at temporarily halting a resettlement program for Syrian and Iraqi refugees, the administration announced Wednesday.
Governors Press White House for Refugee Information
In a call with senior Obama administration officials Tuesday evening, several governors demanded they be given access to information about Syrian refugees about to be resettled by the federal government in their states. Top White House officials refused.
US judge bars Alabama from defunding Planned Parenthood clinics
A federal judge on Wednesday blocked Alabama from defunding Planned Parenthood clinics amid controversy over the release of covertly recorded videos about the reproductive health organization's handling of aborted fetal tissue.
New York police department deploys new counter-terrorism unit
The New York Police Department announced on Monday the deployment of a new counter-terrorism unit in New York City.
Texas abortion center's conversion sends message, draws fire
Four college students who more than a decade ago held a 40-day vigil outside a Texas abortion clinic could not have known their effort would grow into a national organization based in the very building they targeted for protest. But the clinic's former director -- now a pro-life activist -- says they've chosen symbolism over substance and given Planned Parenthood a fat payday in the process.
Report: al Qaeda Terrorists Entered United States Through Refugee Program
Two al Qaeda terrorists who had killed American soldiers were able to enter the country as refugees, according to a report released Wednesday from the House Homeland Security committee.
House committee OKs bill to reduce mandatory minimum prison sentences
Efforts to reform criminal justice laws in the U.S. were bolstered Wednesday with approval of a bill by the House Judiciary Committee that would reduce some mandatory minimum prison sentences.
8 Syrians Caught at Texas Border in Laredo
Two federal agents operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are claiming that eight Syrian illegal aliens attempted to enter Texas from Mexico in the Laredo Sector. The federal agents spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity, however, a local president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) confirmed that Laredo Border Patrol agents have been officially contacting the organization with concerns over reports from other federal agents about Syrians illegally entering the country in the Laredo Sector. The reports have caused a stir among the sector's Border Patrol agents.
Honduras arrests five Syrians headed to US with stolen passports
Honduran authorities have arrested five Syrians intending to make it to the United States with stolen Greek passports, triggering alarm Wednesday in the wake of the Paris attacks launched by Syria-linked jihadists.
ISIS New York video: Terror group releases warning of Times Square attack
Terror group ISIS released a propaganda video Wednesday that makes threats against New York.
ISIS threatens NYC in new propaganda video
A new ISIS propaganda video makes threats against the New York City -- and shows Manhattan streetscapes that include Times Square and Herald Square, The Post has learned.

U.S. Politics
Trump Open to Ground Troops in Syria, Expands on Safe Zone Idea
Donald Trump would be open to putting boots on the ground 'if need be' in the fight against ISIS, he told reporters before a rally in Massachusetts Wednesday night.
Poll: Carson collapses, Rubio surges in N.H.
While Ben Carson continues to do well in Iowa, New Hampshire seems to be an entirely different situation.
Early signs that Democratic turnout may sag in 2016
In my Wall Street Journal article on polling last Thursday, I made the point that one thing pollsters have trouble projecting is turnout. And the key fact about turnout in this decade is that it has been going down -- despite all the talk about how vast surges of non-whites and Millennials into the electorate will produce a 'death spiral' for Republicans.

Christian News
Syrian Refugees in U.S. Include 2,098 Muslims, 53 Christians
President Obama said Monday that calls from some quarters for the U.S. to admit only Christian refugees from Syria were 'shameful,' yet the reality is that today's refugee system discriminates, not against Syrian Muslims, but against Christians and other non-Muslim minorities.
Refugee resettlement process leaves Syrian Christians in the cold
President Obama declared Monday that there should be no religious test for refugees fleeing a bloody Syrian civil war and the expanding reach of ISIS, but critics contend the current refugee placement process is rigged against Christians.
Christian University Grants Employee Benefits to Same-Sex Couples
A private Christian university in Arizona has announced that it will now be extending employee benefits to lawfully married same-sex spouses of employees, but assured that it will continue to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.