Prophecy News Watch - June 26, 2015

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Pentagon Accuses Russia with Nuclear 'Saber-Rattling'
Russia is "playing with fire" with its nuclear saber-rattling and the United States is determined to prevent it from gaining a significant military advantage through violations of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, the deputy U.S. defense chief said on Thursday.
Putin Calls Obama to Discuss Ukraine, Middle East
Russian President Vladimir Putin called U.S. President Barack Obama to discuss continued tensions in eastern Ukraine and various areas of concern in the Middle East.
ISIS Retakes Town After Bloody Clashes
After a bloody assault Thursday, Islamic State fighters re-entered the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, five months after Kurdish forces retook the strategically important border city.
Iran's foreign minister to join nuke talks Friday
With significant gaps standing in the way of an Iran nuclear deal, foreign ministers at the seven-nation talks are adding their diplomatic muscle to the negotiations ahead of a June 30 target date for an agreement.
Kerry to Zarif: For deal, Iran must give answers on historical nuclear work
US Secretary of State John Kerry telephoned Iran's foreign minister in recent days to tell him that Tehran must answer questions about whether its past atomic research was arms-related if it wants a nuclear deal, officials said.
Putin vows to further strengthen Russian military
Russia needs a mighty military to fend off threats near its borders, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday, in a stance that reflects soaring tensions with the West over the crisis in Ukraine.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Palestinians Seek War Crimes Against Israel
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Thursday presented documents to the International Criminal Court in The Hague asserting that Israel should be investigated for war crimes committed in last summer's fighting in the Gaza Strip and for continued construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Inside the United States
FBI Rounding Up Islamic State Suspects
The FBI has been rounding up more potential "lone wolf" terrorists, Congressional leaders and the Justice Department say, in response to the perception of a mounting threat of domestic attacks inspired by the Islamic State.
Congress Moves to Impose Sanctions on Iran
Sens. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) and Robert Menendez (D., N.J.) revived on Thursday long-stalled legislation to impose and extend sanctions on Iran for a period of at least 10 more years, according to sources familiar with the move.
Obamacare Tax Subsidies Upheld by Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the nationwide tax subsidies that are a core component of President Barack Obama's health-care law, rejecting a challenge that had threatened to gut the measure and undercut his legacy.
Jewish group's 'gay conversion' therapy is fraud, jury says
Jewish nonprofit organization that claimed it could turn gay men straight violated the state's Consumer Fraud Act, a jury found Thursday in a civil trial that an attorney for the plaintiffs called 'a momentous event' for LGBT rights.
Watchdog reveals evidence was destroyed during probe of IRS targeting
The lead government watchdog for the IRS revealed Thursday that computer evidence was erased during the investigation into the agency's targeting scandal, months after the IRS was told to preserve documents.
Scalia: We should start calling this law 'SCOTUScare'
Justice Antonin Scalia, in a scathing dissent, chastised his colleagues for a 'quite absurd' decision upholding Obamacare's federal exchange subsidies, arguing that they disregarded the plain meaning of the law -- effectively rewriting it in order to save it from itself.

Christian News
IS-linked group said to issue leaflets threatening Christians in Jerusalem
Leaflets threatening Christians and signed by an organization referring to itself as the 'Islamic State in Palestine' were distributed in East Jerusalem Thursday, Israel's Channel 10 news reported.
Franklin Graham: America needs spiritual healing, not more gun laws
American evangelist Franklin Graham is one of the many Christians who have condemned the tragic Charleston church shooting that claimed the lives of nine individuals.

Prophecy News Watch - June 24, 2015

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Khamenei Appears to Reject Key Aspect of Nuclear Agreement
Iran's supreme leader has apparently rejected key provisions of a framework agreement reached in April between his negotiators and those of six world powers.
Iran and U.S. Forces Share Military Base in Iraq
The U.S. military and Iranian-backed Shiite militias are getting closer and closer in Iraq, even sharing a base, while Iran uses those militias to expand its influence in Iraq and fight alongside the Bashar al-Assad regime in neighboring Syria.
Iran nuclear deal clouded by long record of deception
Iran's long record of hiding its nuclear and military programs from outside inspectors is coming under fresh scrutiny as the U.S. and other world powers race to meet a June 30 deadline for a final deal to curb Tehran's program and open its nuclear sites to closer international inspection.
Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Overthrow Of Egyptian Government
A document released in late May by pro-Muslim Brotherhood clerics incited the Egyptian population to 'strive for the complete elimination' of their current government, according to a new report.
ISIS mints coins, currency soon to be in circulation
Photos on social media are circulating that are purportedly of the newly minted coins of Islamic State, the brutal Sunni Muslim extremist organization that has taken over large swaths of Syria and Iraq.
WikiLeaks files reveal US wiretapped French presidents, US government denies allegations
The United States wiretapped France's current president Francois Hollande, as well as former presidents Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, according to WikiLeaks.
ISIS enforces Ramadan fast by crucifying two children
Two boys under the age of 18 were crucified by Islamic State in the streets of the Syrian city of al-Mayadin for not observing the laws of Ramadan, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Monday.
Strong 6.9 Earthquake Hits South of Japan; No Tsunami Danger
A strong earthquake has struck off an island chain south of Tokyo, but officials say there is no danger of a tsunami.
U.S. to pre-position tanks, artillery in Baltics, eastern Europe
The United States will pre-position tanks, artillery and other military equipment in eastern and central Europe, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Tuesday, moving to reassure NATO allies unnerved by Russian involvement in Ukraine.
Iranian Ex-President: US Trying to Arrest the Muslim Messiah
Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has claimed the United States is trying to arrest the Shia Muslim messiah, known as the 'Hidden Imam,' in bizarre speech to his supporters Monday.
WikiLeaks Saudi cable says Iran shipped nuclear equipment to Sudan
Saudi diplomats in Khartoum believed Iran shipped advanced nuclear equipment including centrifuges to Sudan in 2012, according to a document leaked last week that WikiLeaks says is a cable from the embassy.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Syrian Islamists led by Nusra Front unite near Israel's border
Eight Islamist groups active near Israel's border in southern Syria have united into one bloc as the country's Druse come under increasing pressure.
10 Druze arrested over attacks on wounded Syrian rebels
Police arrested ten people overnight Tuesday suspected of involvement in two attacks earlier this week on military ambulances transporting wounded from Syria for treatment in Israel.
IAF strikes in Gaza after rocket explodes in Israel
The Israeli Air Force struck a target in the northern Gaza Strip from which a rocket was launched earlier Tuesday night.
Israeli ambassador warns UN chief of dangerous consequences of Gaza-bound flotilla
Israel will not let Gazabound boats reach the maritime zone adjacent to the Gaza Strip, Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold wrote to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday.
Rocket launched at southern Israel from Gaza
A rocket was shot from Gaza at southern Israel Tuesday evening, sending residents searching for shelter.
In absurd finding, UNHRC report dubs terror tunnels 'legitimate'
Much like previous U.N. inquiries into Israeli military campaigns in the Gaza Strip, the U.N. Human Rights Council report into Operation Protective Edge, which was released Monday, featured harsh accusations against Israel alongside several absurd findings.

Inside the United States
Most Illegal Immigrants From Border Surge Skipped Court Date After Release
Tens of thousands of illegal immigrant women and children streamed across the U.S. border last year seeking asylum and protected status, claiming a "credible fear" of going home to the violence in Central America. President Obama addressed the crisis through increased border enforcement, more detention beds, more immigration judges and pressure on political leaders in their home countries.
Senate advances fast-track trade bill for Obama
The Senate on Tuesday voted to advance President Obama's trade agenda, approving a measure to end debate on fast-track authority.
Federal Judge Asks IRS for Update on Lois Lerner's Emails
A District of Columbia federal judge has ordered the IRS to give him a status update on the release of Lois Lerner's emails, as well as those by other IRS officials.
Obama extending amnesty to illegals in prisons, jails
The administration has ordered agents to begin ignoring many of the illegal immigrants they encounter in prisons and jails, as President Obama begins to implement a lesser-known part of his deportation amnesty policy -- though his program isn't sitting well with either side of the immigration debate.
Court Rules Against IRS in Z Street Case, Paving Way for Discovery
A panel of judges on Friday denied an appeal by the IRS to stop the pro-Israel group Z Street from continuing its lawsuit against the agency for viewpoint discrimination.
EPA Boss: 'Climate Deniers' Not Normal Humans
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said Monday during a White House summit on global warming that 'climate deniers' are not normal humans.
9 tornadoes confirmed in northern Illinois; Coal City twister hit 160 mph
A powerful summer storm that included at least nine tornadoes tore through north-central Illinois late Monday, injuring at least a dozen people.
Ted Cruz: Obamatrade Enmeshed in Corrupt, Backroom Dealings
The American people do not trust President Obama. And they do not trust Republican leadership in Congress. And the reason is simple: for far too long, politicians in Washington have not told the truth.
GOP civil war: Intense crackdown on conservatives
A civil war is raging within the Republican Party, pitting House leaders against conservatives.

Christian News
Atheist Activists Go After Florida Sheriff
An atheist organization is after a sheriff in Florida for speaking at local churches while wearing his official uniform.
Evangelist Believes He's About to Do Something That Will Change Minds About Whether People Are Born Gay
Evangelist Ray Comfort is gearing up for the release of 'Audacity' -- a film about the Bible and homosexuality that could become his most controversial project to date.
Memorial Service Held for Elisabeth Elliot
Family, friends and many others impacted by her ministry gathered Tuesday to remember influential Christian author Elisabeth Elliot at Gordon College.
'We Can't Forget' Pastor Saeed's 1,523f7c Days in Prison
Pastor Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith for 1,523f7c days, June 23.

Prophecy News Watch - June 25, 2015

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U.S. Entices Iran with High-Tech Reactors for Nuke Deal
The United States and other nations negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran are ready to offer high-tech reactors and other state-of-the-art equipment to Tehran if it agrees to crimp programs that can make atomic arms,
Khamenei Appears to Reject Key Aspect of Nuclear Agreement
Iran's supreme leader has apparently rejected key provisions of a framework agreement reached in April between his negotiators and those of six world powers.
US ex-officials, experts warn of weak Iran deal
A group of prominent American security advisers, including five with ties to President Barack Obama's first term, warned on Wednesday that a deal on curbing Iran's nuclear program was at risk of failing to provide adequate safeguards.
Iran bullies region, broadens influence outside Persian Gulf
Tehran uses a hammer, not a handshake. The Islamic regime continues unabated in its drive to dominate the Middle East and export terrorism, according to a new government report and national security experts.
France voices concerns on Iran talks after Khamenei comments
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Wednesday that declarations from Iranian leaders appeared not to favour an international deal on the country's nuclear programme.
'Break a leg': After all else failed, Kerry seeks Iran deal at all costs
Kerry's backers say he has worked tirelessly, meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif several times in several different locations. Critics say Kerry the travel merely makes it look like Kerry is desperately chasing a deal.
Russian Islamists pledge allegiance to IS
Islamist militants in four regions of Russia's Caucasus have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, according to a recording which was welcomed by IS after being posted online.
Putin's approval ratings hit 89 percent, the highest they've ever been
Think Russians are tiring of conflict with the West? Not according to President Vladimir Putin's approval ratings, which hit all-time highs of 89 percent Wednesday.
Iran nuclear deal clouded by long record of deception
Iran's long record of hiding its nuclear and military programs from outside inspectors is coming under fresh scrutiny as the U.S. and other world powers race to meet a June 30 deadline for a final deal to curb Tehran's program and open its nuclear sites to closer international inspection.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Turkey Confirms Secret Talks with Israel
On Wednesday, Turkey said it was holding talks with Israel over a deal to reconcile the two former allies following a deadly Israeli commando raid on a Turkish aid vessel bound for Gaza.
Chaos erupts in Knesset after deputy minister says Arab MKs should hand in Israeli ID cards
All Israeli citizens have the right to vote, but all must obey the law, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday, after pandemonium broke out in the Knesset during an exchange between Deputy Interior Minister Yaron Mazuz and Arab MKs.
WikiLeaks: France sought to exclude world powers from fresh Israeli-Palestinian talks
France sought to spearhead peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, planning a 2011 initiative to exclude the Middle East Quartet, new documents released by WikiLeaks revealed Tuesday.
Palestinians set to kick off war crimes case against Israel
Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki was expected on Thursday to personally deliver to the International Criminal Court files describing alleged Israeli crimes in the West Bank and Gaza.
Poll finds massive drop in Israelis' approval of Obama
Israelis have increasingly lost faith in US President Barack Obama, with the commander-in-chief taking a greater hit to his image in the Jewish state than in any other country in the world, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Inside the United States
Republican-led Congress Hands Obama Major Win on Trade
The U.S. Congress has granted President Barack Obama and his successor a powerful tool to get trade deals approved: so-called 'fast-track' authority that shields proposed pacts from legislative meddling.
IRS Erased Backups after Realizing Tea Party Emails Lost
Government investigators say IRS employees erased computer backup tapes a month after officials discovered that thousands of emails related to the tax agency's tea party scandal had been lost.
Satanists File Federal Lawsuit Against Missouri Abortion Law
The Satanic Temple, which has taken an activist stance in the pro-choice movement, filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging Missouri's abortion laws mandating 'informed consent' and a waiting period, claiming they violate their members' religious beliefs.
US to Alter Long-term Detention of Immigrant Families with Children
U.S. immigration authorities plan to cut back on long-term detention for families with children who entered the country illegally while speeding up how they are processed at detention centers, the homeland security secretary said on Wednesday.
U.S. media obsessed with Confederate flag, yawns over alleged ISIS atrocities
Network and cable television in the United States are far more interested in the debate surrounding public displays of the Confederate flag than they are in the Islamic State's continued march across the Middle East.
Jefferson Memorial, Confederate statues enter national race debate
This week, the Jefferson Memorial was drawn into the national debate about race following the shooting deaths of nine people in a predominantly black church in South Carolina last week. It joins other public statues depicting Southern or Confederate figures, including Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, that some are arguing represent the country's racist past and should be removed.
Supreme Court Guide: Six Big Decisions Remain
The Supreme Court is scheduled to issue decisions Thursday, with six major cases remaining on the docket, and is expected to release opinions again on Friday and perhaps next week. Still to be decided are the health-law subsidies and gay-marriage cases, along with closely watched rulings involving congressional redistricting and power plant emissions. Here's a list of the remaining cases.
Lake Mead water level dips to new record low
Federal water managers let the closely watched and regulated surface level at Lake Mead go to a new record low overnight, before guiding it back above a crucial drought shortage trigger point.
Federal Judge Asks IRS for Update on Lois Lerner's Emails
A District of Columbia federal judge has ordered the IRS to give him a status update on the release of Lois Lerner's emails, as well as those by other IRS officials.

Christian News
Zanzibar: Islamists Take Church's Hall
Islamists on the semi-autonomous island of Zanzibar off Tanzania's coast have driven a local pastor into hiding after taking over his church's rented hall.
'Satanic Islam' sermon Belfast pastor James McConnell faces six months in jail
Controversial preacher James McConnell says he faces up to six months in jail for calling Islam satanic.
Christian Mother of 11 in Uganda Poisoned by Muslim In-Laws
A mother of 11 who left Islam for Christianity was poisoned to death last week in a village in eastern Uganda, area sources said.
ISIL blows up 16 Christian homes in Iraq's militant-held Mosul
Members of the Takfiri ISIL militant group have blown up more than a dozen houses belonging to Christian residents in Iraq's beleaguered northern province of Nineveh, as they continue committing crimes against humanity in the areas under their control.

Prophecy News Watch - June 23, 2015

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Geomagnetic Storm Slams Earth Causing Radio Signal Blackouts and Possible Auroras
A geomagnetic storm hit Earth Monday as energy from a series of solar explosions reached Earth's magnetic field -- and space weather forecasters say it could be a multi-day event.
Eurozone finance chiefs halt talks for Greek bailout, aim for deal later this week
Eurozone nations were cautiously optimistic on Monday that a deal on Greece's bailout was finally within reach this week, amid fears the country might otherwise default on its debts and fall out of the euro.
Memorize the Quran, Get a Free Slave Girl in ISIS Competition
In honor of the holy month of Ramadan, the Islamic State launched a Quran memorization competition, with slave girls as prizes.
ISIS suspends two boys from pole in Syria for eating during Ramadan
Isis made two youths hang from a beam by their wrists on Monday after accusing them of eating during daylight hours in the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights said.
Britain says no nuke deal if Iran doesn't show flexibility
Britain on Monday urged Iran to show more flexibility in talks on its contested nuclear program as an end-of-June deadline looms after years of tortuous negotiations with the West.
War has left Syria 'on brink of economic collapse'
Syria is heading towards economic collapse after four years of war, a report by a leading British think-tank says.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
France to Propose 'UN Security Council Resolution' to Bring Mideast Peace
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned Sunday of an "explosion" in the absence of Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts during a visit to the region Sunday, after Paris said it would propose a U.N. Security Council resolution to set a framework for negotiations.
Israel slams 'politically motivated and morally flawed' UN Gaza report
Israel on Monday said it would 'seriously' evaluate the United Nations Human Rights Council inquiry on the Gaza conflict, while politicians from left and right slammed the international body for bias and declared that the international investigators lacked access to evidence.
Israel launches diplomatic front against Arab majority at UNHRC
A new diplomatic front has been launched in Israel, meant to do away with the automatic Arab majority in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), in light of an impending council vote regarding whether or not to adopt as official the findings of a UN report released Monday on 2014's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.
US General Denounces UN Human Rights Council Report on Gaza War
U.S. Gen. Charles Wald, the leader of a task force of retired senior U.S. military officers who studied and reported on the 2014 Gaza War, issued a statement Monday denouncing the U.N. Human Rights Council's report on that conflict.
IAF Chief: 'No Restraint' in Next Lebanon War
The Israeli Defense Forces will practice 'no restraint' in attacking civilian areas in Lebanon should another war break out with Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, a senior military official told German newspaper Die Zeit.
Gaza report reveals nothing but UN's cluelessness
The UN report on Operation Protective Edge is far from surprising, offering no far-reaching conclusions. As expected, the report blamed Israel and the 'Palestinian organizations' for possible war crimes. The UN didn't reveal any findings that weren't already known, or expose any startling discoveries.

Inside the United States
US is at the 'Highest Threat Level We Have Ever Faced in This Country'
The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee warns that America is dealing with 'the highest threat level we have ever faced in this country.'
GOP civil war: Intense crackdown on conservatives
A civil war is raging within the Republican Party, pitting House leaders against conservatives.
Sessions tells GOP to shoot down Obama's trade bill
Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., called on GOP lawmakers to block a 'Fast Track' trade bill on Tuesday that President Obama hopes to finalize in order to secure a string of new trade pacts.
N.Y. State Senator Proposes Using GPS Implants To Track Violent Convicts
It's high-tech and certainly controversial, but with the two prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility still on the lam an upstate senator says one way to track future escapees is to microchip them.
Gov. Haley Calls for Confederate Flag to Come Down
South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Monday the Confederate flag should be removed from the grounds of the state capitol, reversing her position on the divisive symbol amid growing calls for it to be removed.
First-Time Buyers Drive U.S. Home Sales to Best Since 2009
More first-time homebuyers took the plunge in May, helping catapult U.S. sales of previously owned properties to their highest level since 2009.
Oklahoma on record earthquake pace, up 90 percent from over a year ago
The ground is trembling underneath the feet of Oklahomans at a record pace this year and by a wide margin, but the jury remains out on whether recent mitigation measures on injection wells will curtail the troubling trend.
US to Provide Weapons, Aircraft, Commandos for NATO
The U.S. committed Monday to contribute weapons, aircraft and forces, including commandos, as needed for NATO's new rapid reaction force, to help Europe defend against potential Russian aggression from the east and the Islamic State and other violent extremists from the south.

Christian News
Mosul Cathedral to become 'Mosque of the Mujahedeen'
The Islamic State has announced that the Syriac Orthodox Cathedral Church of St. Ephrem in Mosul will become known as the "Mosque of the Mujahedeen" in honor of the "holy warriors" of Islam who wage jihad in Allah's name.
UK: Bible teaching becoming a criminal act?
British Prime Minister David Cameron is planning to criminalize fundamental Bible teaching through his new "anti-extremist banning orders."
Faith, Freedom Looking for a Few Good Evangelicals
A number of presidential hopefuls made their pitch to an influential evangelical audience this weekend at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference in Washington, D.C.
Billy Graham Grandson Quits Coral Ridge over Affair
Billy Graham's grandson Tullian Tchividjian has resigned as senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.