Prophecy News Watch - July 7, 2015

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Iran Talks Set to Miss Second Deadline in Vienna
World powers were set Tuesday to miss yet another deadline to nail down an elusive nuclear deal ending a 13-year standoff with Iran, despite hours of difficult top-level negotiations.
Greek banks may run out of cash by end of week
As their government scrambled to pull together a new package of proposals to take to Brussels, Greeks have been hit with more bad news: their banks will stay shut until at least Thursday -- and may run out of cash altogether by the end of the week.
France, Germany demand 'serious' proposals from Greece
Both France and Germany have urged Greece to put forward serious proposals that would allow financial aid talks to resume. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said there is an urgent need to lift capital controls.
Russian Bombers Fly Near U.S. on July 4th
As Americans were celebrating the Fourth of July holiday, four Russian long-range bomber aircraft flew close enough to the US shores that they were intercepted by military fighter jets. The first set of two bombers flew near Alaska and just 30 minutes later a separate set flew far off the west coast of California.
How Obama could fudge today's Iran deadline
Talks in Vienna between six world powers and Iran aimed at limiting Iran's nuclear ambitions are reaching another self-imposed deadline Tuesday that's likely to slip by just as others have done.
Egypt killed 241 Sinai militants in five days, army says
Egypt's military killed 241 militants in the Sinai from July 1 to 5, the army said Monday, including jihadists from the Islamic State group who launched spectacular attacks last week.
Heat Wave Shatters Records in Germany, France, The Netherlands
A European heat wave has smashed monthly and even a few all-time records. The heat will persist through early in the week before some long-awaited relief arrives.
Islamic State takes ground from Syrian Kurds after air strikes
Islamic State fighters stormed a Syrian town held by Kurdish-led forces near Raqqa city on Monday, part of a wider offensive by the militants two days after their de facto capital was hit by some of the heaviest U.S.-led air strikes in the conflict.
Iran pushes for end to arms embargo in nuclear deal
A day before the new deadline for a nuclear accord, Iran pushed Monday to lift the U.N. arms embargo on the country as a parallel deal - a demand that the United States opposes as it seeks to limit Tehran's Mideast clout.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel Is Building an Anti-ISIS Fence Along Border With Jordan
Israel has taken one more step to walling itself off from its neighbors, NBC News reported.
Hamas, Fatah exchange threats after wave of arrests
The Palestinian Authority has arrested 170 Hamas men in the West Bank over the past few days, a Palestinian security source told Ynet on Monday, leading to threats from the Gaza terror organization.
Iran Defense Minister warns of 'Israel's WMDs' threat to world
As world powers near a deal with Iran on its nuclear weapons program, Iran's Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan warned on Monday that 'Israel's weapons of mass destruction' threaten the entire world.
Israel losing Democrats, 'can't claim bipartisan US support,' top pollster warns
Three quarters of highly educated, high income, publicly active US Democrats - the so-called 'opinion elites' - believe Israel has too much influence on US foreign policy, almost half of them consider Israel to be a racist country, and fewer than half of them believe that Israel wants peace with its neighbors.

Inside the United States
California Family Discusses 4-Year-Old Transgender Child
Some parents are preparing to transition their children from one gender to the other as early as pre-school. National Public Radio interviews one Oakland, Calif. family with a young child who started life out as 'Jack' but became 'Jackie' by age four.
San Francisco prosecutors charge illegal immigrant with killing woman at pier
San Francisco prosecutors Monday charged an illegal immigrant -- with a lengthy criminal record and deported five times -- with the murder of a young woman at a popular city pier.
SC Senate votes to take down flag; House OK still needed
The South Carolina Senate voted Monday to pull the Confederate flag off the Capitol grounds, clearing the way for a historic measure that could remove the banner more than five decades after it was first flown above the Statehouse to protest integration.
Obama hints he will veto defense bill
President Obama hinted Monday afternoon that he will veto the defense bill moving through Congress because it cuts domestic spending in order to provide significant increases in defense programs.
Obama: Fight against IS progressing, but still a long slog
Obama said Monday the US-led coalition battling Islamic State jihadists was 'intensifying' its campaign against the group's base in Syria, but cautioned the fight would be long.
White House Officials Plot Ways to Pressure Lawmakers Into Supporting Iran Deal
White House officials on Monday held a private conference call with liberal organizations to discuss ways of pressuring Democrats and other lawmakers on Capitol Hill into supporting a nuclear deal with Iran that is expected to be finalized in the coming days, according to an audio recording of that call obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.
Texas Couple Sues Clerk Claiming Gay Marriage Foot-Dragging
A gay couple sued a rural Texas county clerk for delaying by 'at least three weeks' giving them a same-sex marriage license, because the county needed to have paperwork reprinted in a gender-neutral fashion.
Obama to Visit Pentagon to Refine Islamic State Strategy
U.S. President Barack Obama will make a rare visit to the Pentagon Monday to confer with national security advisers about refining their strategy to defeat Islamic State militants wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria.
Chris Christie: Clerks must perform same-sex 'marriages' regardless of their religious beliefs
Chris Christie is not known for nuance. This time, he has turned his fiery personality loose on county clerks and other officials who have religious objections to performing same-sex 'marriages.'

Christian News
Vietnam: Persecution of Christian Montagnards is 'state policy'
The persecution of religious minorities is now official Vietnamese state policy after Human Rights Watch released a June report revealing that government's intentions to persecute any ethnic Montagnards who follow "unauthorized" Christianity.
Most Americans don't believe the US is a Christian nation
The majority of Americans believe that faith in God is an important component of being a true American, but that the US is not a Christian nation, a new study has found.
9 in 10 Evangelicals not in favour of US Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling
Almost all Evangelicals are against the US Supreme Court ruling that legalised same-sex marriage throughout the US while 7 of 10 practicing Christians also oppose it.

Prophecy News Watch - July 6, 2015

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Greece Enters Uncharted Territory With Overwhelming Referendum 'No'
Greece lurched into uncharted territory and an uncertain future in Europe's common currency Sunday after voters overwhelmingly rejected demands by international creditors for more austerity measures in exchange for a bailout of its bankrupt economy.
Quartet of crises threatens Europe's core
Four great crises around Europe's fringes threaten to engulf the European Union, potentially setting the ambitious post-war unification project back by decades.
Iran nuclear talks: What will Tehran do with an extra $100 billion?
Iran stands to reap a windfall gain of about 25 per cent of its entire economy if $100 billion of frozen assets are released under a nuclear deal.
Key issue in Iran nuclear talks could be resolved within months
The head of the international nuclear watchdog group - a day after returning from Tehran - said Saturday that a report documenting Iran's past nuclear activities could be completed by the end of the year.
Greece Votes in Referendum with Future in Euro in Doubt
Greeks voted on Sunday whether to accept or reject the tough terms of an aid offer to stave off financial collapse, in a referendum that may determine their future in Europe's common currency.
Kerry Threatens to Leave Nuke Talks With No Deal
Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday that the United States and Iran may fail to reach a final nuclear agreement despite the talks being extended past their June 30 deadline so that the sides could hash out remaining differences over the scope and scale of the Islamic Republic's contested nuclear program.
Report: Jordan foils Iran-backed terror plot
The Jordanian newspaper Al Rai reported Monday morning that Jordanian security forces had foiled a terror plot by a member of an Iranian-backed group.
Pope Francis back on home turf for visit to 3 poor nations
Pope Francis returned to his native home of South America on Sunday to begin his eight-day tour that will take him to some of the continent's most impoverished countries.
Turkey Plans to Invade Syria, But to Stop the Kurds, Not ISIS
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is planning a military intervention into northern Syria to prevent Syrian Kurds from forming their own state there, despite concerns among his own generals and possible criticism from Washington and other NATO allies, according to reports in both pro- and anti-government media.
China to create $19B fund to stabilize plunging stock market
China has reportedly decided to bar new initial public offerings of stock and create a fund to stabilize its stock market, which has been roiled by a wave of selloffs.
Islamic State carry out mass execution inside Palmyra ruins
The Islamic State group has released a video showing several dozen Syrian government soldiers being executed by teenagers in the ancient amphitheatre in the city of Palmyra.
Greek banks preparing possible 'bail-in' of depositors
Greek banks are preparing contingency plans for a possible 'haircut' on deposits amid fears of financial collapse, the Financial Times reported on Friday, ahead of a referendum that may decide the country's future in the euro zone.
Female suicide bombers detonate Boko Haram bloodbath: 200 killed
Boko Haram brutally massacred nearly 200 people Friday in northeastern Nigeria in a killing spree that continued Saturday.
Putin contacts Obama for second time in weeks about unity on global concerns
Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory Fourth of July message to President Obama and expressed confidence that their respective countries can work together on global issues including terror threats, according to news agencies.
Pope Francis flies to South America on 9-day pilgrimage
Pope Francis is in the air, heading to his native continent of South America on a nine-day pastoral pilgrimage.
16 U.S. airstrikes destroy key sites in ISIS Syrian stronghold of Raqqa
Coalition forces conducted 16 airstrikes Saturday against key ISIS buildings and transit routes in the terror group's stronghold of Raqqa, Syria, a U.S. Army official said in a statement.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel angrily warns powers caving to Iran in nuke talks
Jerusalem reacted furiously over reports Saturday that world powers were closing in on a long-sought pact that would see the lifting of sanctions in exchange for curbs on Tehran's nuclear program.
Israel losing Democrats, 'can't claim bipartisan US support,' top pollster warns
Three quarters of highly educated, high income, publicly active US Democrats - the so-called 'opinion elites' - believe Israel has too much influence on US foreign policy, almost half of them consider Israel to be a racist country, and fewer than half of them believe that Israel wants peace with its neighbors.
Dome of Rock tops CNN list of sites on 'verge of extinction'; no place for Palmyra
CNN prompted criticism by placing the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem's Old City at the top of a list it headlined 'Last chance to see: 25 magnificent structures on the verge of extinction.'
Islamic State reportedly claims it fired rockets into Israel
The Islamic State's affiliate group in Egypt reportedly claims it fired three Grad rockets Friday in southern Israel.
Top Israeli official: Nuke deal will set up Iran to take over Middle East
The prospective nuclear deal with Iran would empower it to take over the Middle East and trigger a regional nuclear arms race, a senior Israeli official warned in an interview published Friday.
Netanyahu: What's happening in Iran talks is a breakdown, not a breakthrough
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday expressed alarm at the emerging nuclear deal between western powers and Iran currently taking place in Vienna.

Inside the United States
White House-Linked Dark Money Group Threatens Democrats on Eve of Nuke Deal
A prominent progressive organization linked to the White House and claiming to work for dozens of like-minded groups is threatening to attack any congressional Democrat who objects to a final nuclear deal with Iran, even before the terms of any such agreement have been finalized.
U.S. Stockpiles Powerful Bunker-Buster Bombs in case Iran Nuclear Talks Fail
As diplomats rush to reach an agreement to curb Iran's nuclear program, the U.S. military is stockpiling conventional bombs so powerful that strategists say they could cripple Tehran's most heavily fortified nuclear complexes, including one deep underground.
Congress Facing Busy Agenda, Funding Deadline
After July Fourth fireworks and parades, members of Congress return to work Tuesday facing a daunting summer workload and a pending deadline to fund the government or risk a shutdown in the fall.
Opponents could still thwart looming trade deal
Now that Congress has approved Trade Promotion Authority legislation giving President Obama the power to negotiate trade agreements that can't be amended by Congress, a new pact between the United States and 11 Pacific Rim nations is expected to be completed in the coming months.
Congress skeptical of Iran nuclear talks
A potential nuclear deal with Iran has riled up several high-profile Republican senators and has Democrats hesitant on how to proceed.
Poll: 70 percent of Americans believe news media is intentionally biased
Nearly three quarters of Americans believe the news media reports with an intentional bias, according to a new survey.
Let freedom ring: America celebrates Independence Day
Americans across the country celebrated Fourth of July with parades, fireworks, naturalization ceremonies, eating contests and movies Saturday as the United States marked 239 years as an independent nation.
Magnitude-4.2 earthquake rattles parts of Oregon
Some Oregonians woke on the Fourth of July to a significant jolt when a magnitude 4.2 earthquake struck near Springfield and Eugene.

Prophecy News Watch - July 3, 2015

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Iran Violates Past Nuclear Promises on Eve of Deal
Senior Obama administration officials are defending Iranian nuclear violations in the aftermath of a bombshell report published Wednesday by the United Nations indicating that Iran has failed to live up to its nuclear-related obligations, according to sources apprised of the situation.
Iran Takes Hard Line on Inspections, Sanctions at Nuke Talks
Iran took a hard line Thursday on two of the biggest demands of world powers in a final nuclear accord, rejecting any extraordinary inspection rules and threatening to ramp up enrichment of bomb-making material if the United States and other countries re-impose sanctions after the deal is in place.
UK Labor Leader: Faith Schools Must be Forced to Teach about Homosexuality
Faith schools must be forced to teach about gay and lesbian relationships on a par with heterosexual couples, the Labour leadership front-runner Andy Burnham told The Telegraph.
Egyptian Military: We won't stop until Sinai is clear of terror
Egyptian military officials responded harshly to a string of coordinated attacks in the Sinai Peninsula Wednesday, confidently declaring that military efforts would continue in the region 'until Sinai is clear of all terror.'
Syria conflict: Massive rebel assault to take Aleppo
Syrian rebels led by Islamist groups have begun a massive assault that aims to take full control of the northern city of Aleppo, monitors report.
Greek banks down to 500m Euros in cash reserves as economy crashes
Greece is sliding into a full-blown national crisis as the final cash reserves of the banking system evaporate by the hour and swathes of industry start to shut down, precipitating the near disintegration of the ruling coalition.
74 children executed by ISIS for 'crimes' that include refusal to fast, report says
The blood-soaked executioners of ISIS have spared neither women nor children since the jihadist army established its caliphate a year ago, putting an estimated 74 kids and even more women to death for such offenses as practicing 'magic' and refusing to fast during Ramadan.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF source: Commander shoots Palestinian dead after vehicle ambushed
In response to being pelted with stones, a brigade commander in the IDFs Judea and Samaria Division shot and killed a Palestinian on Friday morning, the IDF confirmed.
Iron Dome gets mysterious upgrade
Israel has successfully upgraded its Iron Dome missile-defense system, the Defense Ministry said Thursday, without elaborating on the specific improvements.
Hamas aiding ISIS-affiliated group that carried out terror attack in Egypt, IDF says
Members of the armed wing of Hamas are actively aiding the Sinai Province, the Islamic State-affiliated group that carried out Wednesday's massive terror attack against multiple Egyptian army positions in north Sinai, a senior Israeli military official said Thursday.

Inside the United States
Polygamous Montana Trio Applies for Wedding License
A Montana man said Wednesday that he was inspired by last week's U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage to apply for a marriage license so that he can legally wed his second wife.
Record 93,626,523f7c Americans Not in Labor Force
A record 93,626,523f7c Americans 16 or older did not participate in the nation?s labor force in June, as the labor force participation rate dropped to 62.6 percent, a 38-year low, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
DoD Joins Homeland, FBI in Warning of ISIS July 4th Threat
The Defense Department joined the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI on Wednesday in warning of the threat of an ISIS attack in the U.S. over the 4th of July holiday weekend.
Kentucky clerk sued for not issuing same-sex marriage licenses
Four Kentucky couples are suing a clerk who is refusing to issue gay-marriage licenses -- or any marriage licenses for that matter -- following a landmark ruling from the Supreme Court giving same-sex marriage couples the legal right to marry.
Tom DeLay: Justice Dept. Wants to Legalize 12 'Perversions'
Former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay claims the Justice Department has drafted a memo that spells out a dozen 'perversions,' including bestiality and pedophilia, that it wants legalized.
ISIS Expansion Along U.S. Borders
Our southern border is long and U.S. border patrol agents work to fight illegal activity like illegal immigration, drugs and now according to an FBI consultant, the border could be an attractive region for ISIS thanks in part to powerful drug lords.
California vaccine bill battle erupts into all-out political war
Those people clad in white keeping silent vigil in front of the California state Capitol have a message for Democratic legislators: The thousands who opposed the stricter vaccination mandates signed into law Tuesday aren't backing down.
Boston U Makes Pro-Hamas Workshop a Requirement
An anti-Israel education program that has made the rounds across high schools in the United States has now been fully incorporated into Boston University's curriculum.

Christian News
Christian bakers fined $135,523f7c for refusing to make wedding cake for lesbians
The owners of a mom and pop bakery have just learned there is a significant price to pay for following their religious beliefs.
Religious nonprofits not losing faith after latest failed Obamacare birth control mandate appeal
Religious nonprofits hoping to force yet another Obamacare showdown before the Supreme Court haven't chalked up the appellate win they need to put the issue on a glide path to the justices, but they aren't losing faith, saying it's only a matter of time before their legal campaign pays off.

Prophecy News Watch - July 2, 2015

Around the World
Obama Blocks Plan to Fight ISIS
The United States has blocked attempts by its Middle East allies to fly heavy weapons directly to the Kurds fighting Islamic State jihadists in Iraq.
U.S. unprepared for chemical attack as Islamic State nears Syria's stockpile
The U.S. government is unprepared for a chemical attack against the homeland, a new report shows, even as the Islamic State takes responsibility for more terror attacks around the world and inches closer to gaining access to Syria's chemical weapons stockpile.
Islamic State Claims Attacks that Kill At Least 60 Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai
Egypt's Islamic State affiliate claimed responsibility for a wave of attacks Wednesday in the Sinai Peninsula that security officials said killed at least 20 soldiers.
5 concessions that could sink an Iran nuclear deal
The Obama administration has said consistently for two years that it wants to reach an agreement that ensures Iran's nuclear program remains peaceful and can never be used to develop a nuclear weapon.
Iraq, North Korea failures shadow nuclear talks with Iran
Their inability to detect clandestine atomic programs in Iraq and North Korea shadows Western officials as they seek to curb Iran's known nuclear activities and keep it from pursuing others in secret.
Iran Repatriates 13 Tons of Gold Under Sanctions Relief
Iranian officials said Monday that the Islamic Republic's Central Bank has successfully repatriated 13 tons of gold as part of a package of sanctions relief provided to Iran by U.S. and Western powers.
Muslim Brotherhood calls for Egypt 'rebellion'
The Muslim Brotherhood says its leaders killed in a Cairo apartment were murdered in 'in cold blood,' calling for a rebellion against President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who it calls a 'butcher.'
IAEA says Iran uranium stockpile reduced, but questions remain
Iran's stockpile of low-enriched uranium gas dropped below the maximum level required under a 2013 interim nuclear agreement with world powers, a U.N. report showed, but a U.S. think-tank suggested Tehran had not entirely met its obligations.
Greece in limbo: Shuttered banks keep lifeline while Athens, lenders wait for referendum
Greece braced for more chaos on the streets outside its mostly shuttered banks Thursday, as Athens and its creditors halted talks on resolving the country's deepening financial crisis until a referendum this weekend.
Attacks underscore ISIL's reach year after declaring caliphate
A series of deadly terrorist attacks in the past week across Europe, Africa and the Middle East underscore the Islamic State's increasing ability to spread fear, change societies and impact economies since declaring a caliphate a year ago.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF Appoints Special Team to Plan Strike on Iran
The Hebrew-language Walla! reported Tuesday that it has learned from a foreign source that IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot has appointed Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Golan to head a special team tasked with examining the military options against Iran.
ISIS Promises to Be a 'Thorn in the Throat of Hamas' and Israel
Islamic State insurgents threatened on Tuesday to turn the Gaza Strip into another of their Middle East fiefdoms, accusing Hamas, the organization that rules the Palestinian territory, of being insufficiently stringent about religious enforcement.
Report: IDF to okay bolstered Egyptian forces in Sinai after deadly attacks
The IDF has reportedly decided to grant all Egyptian requests to reinforce troops in the Sinai Peninsula hours after Islamic State-linked insurgents killed dozens of people Wednesday in a slew of attacks in the region's north, according to Channel 2.
Gaza to be declared ISIS 'Caliphate'
Marking a significant development in Mideast affairs, Salafists in the Gaza Strip plan to officially pledge allegiance to ISIS and openly fight under its banner, a senior Salafist militant in Gaza told WND in a phone interview.
Netanyahu: For Iran's mullahs 'Israel is the small Satan and American is the great Satan'
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Wednesday for all the forces of militant Islam, including Iran and Islamic State, to be weakened and to not prob up one or the other.

Inside the United States
Keystone Pipeline Divides Congress as Deadline Nears
With a decision looming, both sides of the Keystone XL pipeline debate are making last-ditch appeals to President Obama, with opponents saying the project fails the White House's climate test and supporters arguing it's a no-brainer that will spur U.S. energy independence and economic growth.
Obama to Reopen Cuba Embassy Despite Opposition
Reversing more than a half-century of U.S. policy, President Obama announced Wednesday that the U.S. and Cuba have agreed to reopen their embassies this summer and restore full diplomatic ties over vehement objections from lawmakers in both parties of Congress.
Court clerk resigns rather than license same-sex couples
In a letter to the board of supervisors, Grenada County Circuit Clerk Linda Barnette announced her resignation on Tuesday, citing the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage.
Survey says: 35 percent of Americans would expatriate
As the Fourth of July weekend looms and Americans prep their grills and ready their fireworks, some citizens are packing their bags.
NSA's spying on UN and others detailed in newly published documents
The Intercept went into great detail on how far one of the NSA's spying programs, called X-Keyscore, can reach into the web and find any kind of communication, be it chats, emails or documents.
Double trouble? IRS lawyer now heads Clinton email production
A year ago, Catherine Duval was embroiled in the scandal over former IRS official Lois Lerner's lost emails. Now the top government attorney is heading up another document project in the cross hairs of Congress: the State Department's release of Hillary Clinton's emails and Libya documents to the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Christian News
Armenian Turks Convert back to Christianity
Twelve Armenians who were baptized last month in Istanbul were among the many former Muslims who are now openly embracing Christ after their ancestors were forced to follow Islam during the Armenian and Assyrian genocides that killed millions of Christians one century ago.
U.S. Episcopalians vote to let gay couples wed in churches
The U.S. Episcopal Church voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to let gay couples wed in the denomination's religious ceremonies, reinforcing its support for same-sex nuptials days after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide.
Five predominantly black Southern churches burn within a week
In the week after nine people were shot dead at Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina, five churches with predominantly black congregations in five Southern states burned. Three of the fires were being investigated as arson.

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