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Prophecy News Watch - September 20, 2018

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Brexit deadlock: Theresa May urges EU to compromise
European leaders gathered in the Austrian city of Salzburg on Thursday for the second day of an informal summit. One of the main issues are the deadlocked negotiations on Brexit, the final agreement on which is supposed to be laid out in October. Immigration, a major policy point for Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, whose government holds the rotating EU presidency, and security in the bloc are the other major talking points.
U.S. seeking to negotiate a treaty with Iran
The United States is seeking to negotiate a treaty with Iran to include Tehran’s ballistic missile program and its regional behavior, the U.S. special envoy for Iran said on Wednesday ahead of U.N. meetings in New York next week.

Britain is 85-90 percent of the way to agreeing Brexit deal: UK minister
Britain is over 85 percent of the way to agreeing on a deal with the European Union on its exit from the bloc, Cabinet Office minister David Lidington told Irish radio on Thursday, adding that a deal could be reached by October or November.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Hezbollah chief warns Israel to stop Syria airstrikes
Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, said Wednesday that Israel must stop its 'intolerable' attacks in Syria. His comments came after an Israeli airstrike on a Syrian base in Latakia, during which a Russian spy plane was accidentally shot down by soldiers loyal to President Bashar Assad.
Russia summons Israeli envoy after warning of response over downed plane
The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned Israel’s ambassador Tuesday afternoon, state media reported, as Moscow fumed over the Syrian downing of a military plane that it said was the result of an Israeli 'provocation.'
Report: Abbas ready to halt all funding to Gaza
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is close to announcing a series of additional punitive measures against the Gaza Strip, as Egyptian efforts to end the power struggle between his Fatah faction and Hamas appear to have reached a dead end, Palestinian sources in Ramallah said on Wednesday.
Two Palestinians reportedly killed during Gaza riots on Yom Kippur
Gaza's Health Ministry claimed on Tuesday that two Palestinians were killed and at least 46 wounded by the IDF fire in the northern Gaza Strip during violent demonstrations which took place on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year.
Israel 'expresses regret' for downed Russian jet, holds Syria responsible
IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis addressed the downing of the Russian plane in Syria on Tuesday after Moscow accused Israel of a hostile provocation and threatened to respond.

Inside the United States
FBI, DOJ Plan Redactions Despite Trump’s Document Order
President Donald Trump has demanded the 'immediate declassification' of sensitive materials about the Russia investigation, but the agencies responsible are expected to propose redactions that would keep some information secret, according to three people familiar with the matter.
Kavanaugh hearing plans collapse in the Senate
ext week's plans for a public hearing to address a sexual assault claim against President Trump's Supreme Court pick were on the brink of collapsing Tuesday, after Democrats who initially demanded a hearing called for a delay, and were backed by a lawyer for the alleged victim, who said she wants an FBI investigation before any hearing is held.
4,000% Explosion in Kids Identifying as Transgender, Docs Perform Double Mastectomies on Healthy Teen Girls
The number of people identifying as transgender is on the rise in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, including many children and teens.
FBI sought to elevate anti-Trump dossier to official intelligence file despite CIA, DNI objections
The FBI pushed in 2016 to include the discredited dossier into the official intelligence community assessment that Russia interfered in the election to help Donald Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton, two former senior officials said.
Chuck Grassley tells Christine Blasey Ford, Democrats to use scheduled hearing or lose opportunity
Republicans are ready to push ahead with a vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh after becoming frustrated with his accuser, who has rebuffed numerous chances they have offered her to tell her story.

Christian News
Central African Republic: Dozens feared dead after massacre in Bria
In Central African Republic, dozens of people are feared killed after suspected Islamist rebels attacked a group of civilians in the central town of Bria earlier this month.

Prophecy News Watch - September 18, 2018

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U.S.-backed Syrian forces launch offensive on last ISIS bastion
A major offensive launched by U.S.-backed Syrian forces in the country's east will likely lead to the downfall of Islamic State’s last major stronghold, but will not spell the end of the extremist group, analysts believe.
Trump imposes tariffs on $200B more of Chinese goods
The Trump administration will impose tariffs on $200 billion more in Chinese goods starting next week, escalating a trade war between the world’s two biggest economies and potentially raising prices on goods ranging from handbags to bicycle tires.
Putin-Erdogan deal on Syria demilitarized zone heads off showdown, pending bloodbath
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that he had struck a deal with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan to table a planned offensive against the Syrian rebel stronghold of Idlib, a last-minute agreement that led all sides of the 7-year-old conflict to breathe a sigh of relief despite a host of unanswered questions about whether the so-called demilitarized zone will hold.
Europe's New Copyright Law Could Change the Web Worldwide
The European Parliament passed sweeping copyright legislation Wednesday that, much like its privacy regulations, could have impact far beyond Europe.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Russian Plane Mistakenly Shot Down by Syria Anti-Aircraft Artillery During Israeli Strike
During an alleged Israeli airstrike within Syria, Russia claims one of its military aircraft disappeared with 14 people on board.
Hours after Syria strike, Netanyahu says Israel enforcing ‘red lines’
Hours after an alleged Israeli airstrike on the Damascus airport in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed the country’s policy of employing military action to prevent weapons transfers to the enemies that pose an immediate threat.

Inside the United States
Carolina Brace for More Flooding As Florence Moves Inland
North and South Carolina continue to recover after Florence dumped over 20 inches of rain in some areas, which claimed the lives of at least 31 people.
Trump directs FBI, DOJ to declassify Russia-related documents, James Comey texts, and more
President Trump on Monday ordered the Justice Department and FBI to immediately declassify key documents related to the FBI’s investigation on Russian actions during the 2016 presidential election -- including text messages from former FBI Director James Comey and other top officials.
Showdown between Kavanaugh, accuser scheduled for next week
Republicans are forging ahead with plans for a Senate hearing they had hoped to avoid on a woman’s claims that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when both were high schoolers, hoping to salvage his endangered Supreme Court nomination with a risky, nationally televised showdown between the judge and his accuser.

Christian News
Kenya: Al-Shabaab Executed Two Christian Bus Passengers
On September 14, seven al-Shabaab terrorists stopped a bus heading to Garrissa. They made the passengers get off of the bus and then forced them to show their identification cards. This is done because Christians and Islamic names are often very evident in countries like Kenya. They then separated three individuals that they believed were not Muslims. They forced them to recite the Islamic Shahada, which is the Islamic statement of Faith. When two of the people could not recite it, they were tied and executed on the spot, according to International Christian Concern.

Prophecy News Watch - September 17, 2018

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U.S. backed in corner as Syria, Russia plan bloody assault in Idlib with chemical weapons in arsenal
With Bashar Assad and his Russian allies on the verge of victory in Syria’s civil war, the Trump administration is facing new pressure to respond forcefully and prevent a bloodbath of historic proportions -- but analysts say the U.S. has virtually no good options, as seven years of muddy American policy toward Syria has left Moscow holding all the cards.
Typhoon Mangkhut hits mainland China, lashes Hong Kong, dozens dead in Philippines
The world’s strongest storm this year, Typhoon Mangkhut, continued its path of destruction across Southeast Asia over the weekend, reaching mainland China on Sunday afternoon after pummeling Hong Kong and killing dozens in the Philippines.
Maduro’s huge salary hike deals fatal blow to 40 percent of Venezuelan stores
Nearly 40 percent of all Venezuelan stores have closed their doors — some of them perhaps permanently — after the government of President Nicolás Maduro increased the minimum salary by nearly 3,500 percent in one fell swoop, according to the National Council of Commerce and Services of National Council of Commerce and Services of Venezuela.
Brexit: PM says 'it's either my deal or no deal'
Theresa May has told the BBC that MPs will have a choice between her proposed deal with the EU - or no deal at all.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel strikes Iranian weapons delivery in Syria
Israel struck in Syria on Saturday night, targeting an area near the airport in Damascus, Syrian state media reported. According to the report, several Israeli missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defenses.
U.S. cuts $10 million from Israeli-Palestinian peace programs
The United States has cut $10 million of foreign aid money that was supporting coexistence programs between Israelis and Palestinians.
Hundreds of Palestinians riot in Saturday's protests in Gaza
About 500 Palestinians demonstrators, who massed at several points near the Gaza border fence Saturday, burned tires, and threw stones and explosive devices toward IDF forces.
US freezes all PLO bank accounts in country
The US has decided to freeze all bank accounts belonging to the (Palestine Liberation Organization) PLO in the country as the White House ramps up pressure on the Palestinians to enter into peace talks with Israel, according to a report in Al Jazeera on Sunday evening.

Inside the United States
GOP Senator May Block Kavanaugh Confirmation After Woman Claims Sexual Attack
President Donald Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was thrust into turmoil Sunday after the woman accusing him of high school-era sexual misconduct told her story publicly for the first time. Democrats immediately called for a delay in a key committee vote set for this later week and a Republican on the closely divided panel said he's 'not comfortable' voting on the nomination without first hearing from the accuser.
Floodwaters rise as killer storm stalks southeastern US
Catastrophic floods raised the threat of dam breaks and landslides across the southeastern United States on Sunday, prolonging the agony caused by a killer hurricane that has left more than a dozen people dead and billions of dollars in damage.
Dems' confidence swells with midterms fast approaching
Less than eight weeks ahead of the midterms, House Democrats are riding high and feeling the wind at their backs.
U.S. and EU condemn Gush Etzion terror attack
The United States and European Union envoys condemned Sunday’s terrorist attack in the Gush Etzion junction, which claimed the life of well-known pro-Israel advocate Ari Fuld.
Pagan arch returning to Washington as 'symbol of peace'
A reconstructed Arch of Palmyra, the original of which was the entrance to a temple for Baal in Syria, will reappear in Washington, D.C., as an 'improbable' 'symbol of peace and resilience,' according to Breaking Israel News.

Christian News
One Nation Under Xi? This is why Christian Persecution in China is Escalating
This summer, Christians in China are experiencing an escalating wave of persecution unseen since Mao's Cultural Revolution.
Evangelicals, growing force in Brazil, to impact elections
In a Brazilian presidential election marked by uncertainties, there is little doubt about one thing: Evangelical voters will have a major impact.
Church of England should avoid only calling God 'he', Bishop says
The Church of England should avoid only calling God 'he', a bishop has said, as a survey found that young Christians think God is male.
Rick Perry on Cabinet Bible Study and President Trump's Leadership: 'It Starts at the Top'
Did you know members of President Donald Trump's Cabinet meet weekly for a Bible study? CBN News was the first to report on it and according to one regular attendee, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, the group is still going strong.

Prophecy News Watch - September 14, 2018

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Bigger, stronger and faster than Florence: Super typhoon Mangkhut heads for Philippines at 280km/h
Countries across south-east Asia are issuing emergency alerts and thousands are being evacuated as two typhoons barrel down on the region.
EU must grasp world role as U.S. retreats, Juncker says
The European Union must flex its muscles as a world power, EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker said on Wednesday, as he spoke critically of U.S. President Donald Trump’s retreat from international engagement.
Cancer expected to kill more than 9 million people globally this year, report finds
The World Health Organization's cancer research arm estimated in a report released Wednesday that there will be about 18 million new cases of cancer globally this year and 9.6 million deaths.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
US Congress votes $38 billion defense aid to Israel into law
A bipartisan bill that would cement the U.S. military aid to Israel into law has passed a major hurdle on Wednesday night.
Palestinians call on Abbas to dump Oslo Accords
Palestinian factions and activists have called for the abrogation of the Olso Accords, and said that the agreements that were signed between the PLO and Israel 25 years ago have failed to fulfill Palestinian aspirations for statehood and independence.
U.S. expects some Israeli criticism of parts of coming Mideast plan: envoy
The Trump administration is prepared for Israeli criticism of elements of its coming Middle East peace plan, the U.S. envoy to the region said, even as Washington faces growing Palestinian accusations that it will be heavily tilted in favor of Israel.

Inside the United States
Hurricane Florence Pushes 100+ MPH Gusts Ashore; Catastrophic Flash Flooding, High Winds to Hammer the Carolinas, Appalachia
Hurricane Florence is spreading heavy rain and strong winds into the Carolinas, with landfall expected near the border between North Carolina and South Carolina on Friday, kicking off an agonizing crawl through the Southeast into early next week, producing catastrophic inland rainfall flooding, life-threatening storm surge and destructive winds.
Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through August; Still Run $898B Deficit
The federal government collected a record $1,521,589,000,000 in individual income taxes through the first eleven months of fiscal 2018 (October 2017 through August 2018), according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today.
‘Over 10 trillion gallons’ of rain in NC would have unprecedented results, experts say
Weather experts have talked of rainfall predictions in terms of inches a lot this week with Hurricane Florence meandering toward the East Coast.
House panel backs bill to make Trump tax cuts permanent
A Republican-led panel in the U.S. House of Representatives voted on Thursday to make permanent individual tax cuts from President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax overhaul, a move widely seen as a partisan ploy to help Republican candidates in the Nov. 6 congressional elections.